Nocturnale Solesmense now available
  • I'm not sure if you already know of this little book, but Solesmes has published this Nocturnale Solesmense , which they have been using since 2010. It's not an official book yet, according to the description. The melodies for the responsories and antiphons have been revised.

    Solesmes store link: (An introductory video is offered)
  • Is this for the Ordinary Form or Extraordinary Form (and please excuse my ignorance)?
  • chonakchonak
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    It's OF; the psalm texts are Nova Vulgata.
  • ¡Gracias!
  • Just noticed in the video it seems there are several nocturnes and responsories. Is that just for Tenebrae and Christmas Matins in the OF, or is that usually done at Solesmes? I’m trying to decide if I want to get this book.
  • Both the size of the volume and the annotation on the site show that it does not have all the responsories and other chants they have in their office. For the solemnities, it has last responsory of each nocturn, as well as the antiphon and the canticle of the 3rd nocturn. It also contains all the chanted parts (except lessons) for the Christmas and Tenebrae. Thus they write. So I do not know if there are some melodies not contained in the earlier Solesmes editions. But they are claimed to be revised according to ancient manuscripts. Therefore, hopefully, the book is on the "bleeding edge" of semiology science. And the price is not prohibitive either.
  • I guess what confuses me is that I’m not used to the OF vigils having more than 1 (2 with antiphon/canticles/Gospel) nocturn(s), and the video shows Tenebrae with 3 as in the EF.
    Anyway, decided to buy it. I bought their Office intercessions book, and I haven’t been disappointed, so I’m sure this one will be worth it as well.
  • I bought it at the beginning of December, but had to choose the slowest delivery method possible. I could comment on the content if I receive it any time soon.
  • Yes, please. I too chose the slowest delivery method.
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    If it is the book used at Solesmes, it is most probably (one of the several licit variants of) the OF Benedictine Office, not the Liturgy of the Hours. That would explain the number of Nocturns.
  • Ah, that makes sense. Thanks.
  • Well, mine arrived. It is indeed for the OF Benedictine Office, and Tenebrae is done traditionally.
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    Matins sounded really lovely ( even at 5am ) at St Cecelia's Monastery on the Isle of Wight using this Solesmes OF format, when I visited last summer. Whether there are 3 or 2 nocturns depends on the time of year I think. See Rule of Benedict for how to fit in all the Hours with meals, farm work, and study!
    Seems to me singing Matins would be a lovely thing to do at a chant retreat.
  • Matins (3rd Nocturn) and Lauds of the Dead, followed by a pontifical Requiem Mass as part of the Sacred Music Retreat this August. Couldn't agree with you more, narfie!
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    If it is the book used at Solesmes, it is most probably (one of the several licit variants of) the OF Benedictine Office, not the Liturgy of the Hours. That would explain the number of Nocturns.

    Yes it is what they use at Solesmes. I bought it. It conforms to Benedictine Schema A which is what is used at Solesmes (the traditional schema described by Saint Benedict in his Rule, but adapted to the post-Conciliar changes: liturgical year, collects, intercessions, etc.).

    The Monastic Office has 3 nocturnes on Feasts, Solemnities and Sundays, and 2 nocturnes at other times. The abbey I'm affiliated with, also of the Solesmes Congregation, uses schema B which is the entire psalter in a week, and also 2 or 3 nocturnes (shorter than Schema A, 3 psalms per nocturne instead of 6) depending on degree of solemnity.


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