Does anyone have access to either of these books?
  • I have been eyeing these titles on WorldCat and thought I would ask - does anyone have access to either of these?

    I am interested in them as being books that would give chant for the Little Office within a "Vatican Edition" context.

    Vesperae de communi festorum B. Mariae V. : necnon et Officii Parvi : pro diversis temporis anni : cum cantu gregoriano : ex editione vaticana excerpto : editio rhythmicis signis ornata
    (Desclee, 1926)

    Vesperae et Completorium Officii parvi Beatae Mariae Virginis : notis musicis juxta Antiphonale Romanum additis
    (Schwann, 1919)
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    Have you seen this? (1893 version...)


    You may be able to find it here, this link will not work in the U.K. unless you are using the TOR browser.

    Page 527 in .pdf
  • Yes; that is the source I follow for Matins.

    What I would find helpful is to see how the Vatican Edition common tones are used in a publication specifically for the singing Little Office.

    The problem with the Antiphonale Romanum is that it gives hardly any specific guidance about this. So, one has to assume that the common tones are all used as in the full office. There are just a couple of odd points that I wonder about sometimes; and it would also be nice to see a historical example of what I am trying to do, to see to what extent I am on the same track.