OF Choral Christmas Matins
  • After far more time than I probably should have spent, I have completed the programme for solemn Matins on Christmas Night. I now have the go-ahead from my parish priest to have the choir sing it before Midnight Mass. Thanks to Steven van Roode for his help with my queries.

    The breakdown is as follows:
    - All English texts from the UK/Aus translation of the LOTH, via Universalis
    - Invitatory Antiphon, Venite and Hymn from the Liber Hymnarius
    - Other antiphons taken from Gregobase
    - Psalms and canticles sung to Anglican chant (specifically chosen to complement the plainchant antiphons)
    - Responsories included in two different formats:
    --- chant from Liber Hymnarius
    --- fairly simple Renaissance polyphonic versions
    - Hour "extended" as per GILH with OT canticles and Gospel
    - Te Deum to simple tone as found in Liber Hymnarius

    I'm yet to finalise a congregational booklet, but I can post it here when it is finished.
  • Thank you!! When so many choirs do concerts before the Mass in the Night, at least someone is following what the Church recommends!!
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