Looking for music
  • Does anyone have the SUPPLEMENT TO THE ST. GREGORY HYMNAL that has #293 Resonet In Laudibus (motet) and #294 Dies Est Laetitia (3-part)? I'd really appreciate copies of those two Christmas pieces. The book was copyrighted 1940 but the notation inside says "The Supplement approved by the Music Committee of the St. Gregory Society of America, Sept. 11, 1941."
  • I have an updated soft-cover version of the St. Gregory that may have what you are looking for. I will give it a look over tomorrow at the church.
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  • The Neumann Press reprint from 2000, which is (was) available in softcover, includes the supplement. I also have an original staple-bound supplement from 1940. PM me.
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  • I forgot to check today. Sorry about that. If you still need I can do tomorrow
  • Arthur had the music I was looking for. Thanks.