When EF Mass is Celebrated by a Cardinal
  • Hello, all! Curious your thoughts as to customs, traditions one should know when an EF Mass is celebrated by a Cardinal. Is there a standard piece sung when the vesting takes place in the sanctuary "at the throne"? Any thoughts? I may be using the wrong terminology, as this will be a first for me. God bless you!
  • I believe some would argue that the office of Terce should be sung while the prelate vests, where the vesting takes place in the sanctuary (more commonly, at a side altar).
  • Incardination,

    Never heard that suggestion, but it makes sense when taken in concert with some other pieces of data I've read recently.

    Nevertheless, doesn't the praying of Tierce during the vesting presuppose the time of the Mass?
  • Good point. It is presuming that the Mass takes place at the "normal" time of the conventual Mass - typically somewhere between 8:00 AM and 12:00 PM.

    My understanding is that the prelate fulfills his obligation to the office of Terce while vesting for Mass. He apparently intones the Deus in Adiutorium and the hymn and then begins vesting while the hymn / psalms continue. Terce likely completes before he finishes processing to the altar.