Lemmens Liturgical Chant Accompaniments.
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    The 16th notes are interesting...
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  • When life (via Noel) hands you Lemmens . . .
  • This is so strange - what am I looking at? Dotted quavers/8ths?
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    A shallower link shows a way to vote on the scan quality. I left a note on the uploader's user page about the cut-off pages.
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  • This is so strange - what am I looking at? Dotted quavers/8ths?

    Would anyone care to explain why, in that era, this came about?
  • They are, as I understand it, not to be interpreted strictly, just attempts to show how (Lemmens thinks) a quilisma works, within the limitations of modern notation. He says (Google translation):

    The angular forms of arithmetic measurement are rounded by musical rhythm.
    Lemmens had his own theories of Gregorian rhythm and was scathing about others, including Solesmes. He thought chant rhythm had fallen into decay by the 9th century. Subtle interpretation seems to have been a constant theme of his teaching about organ playing, and he was for a long time concentrating on concert playing rather than liturgical music.
  • Yay mensuralism!
  • Lemmens was anti-mensuralist (Google translation again)(& my emphases)
    Remarkably, of all these semiographic modifications, only one - that of Romanus - indicated above all the shades of the Gregorian rhythm; but it did not have the success with which it was worthy, at least if one judges by the small number of writings in which one finds their application. Thus, the insistence with which the authors of the ninth, tenth and eleventh centuries recommend singing in measure, is for us a proof that, in their time, the musical rhythm of the Gregorian song left much to be desired. All these notations could not prevent the total ruin of the Gregorian rhythm, and to try to restore it today by one of them, it is obviously to want an impossibility and to disregard the teaching of the history.
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    One can see uncropped pages here.