Prayers Needed for An Acquaintance
  • There's a chum of mine who's going through a bit of a rough spot. Some recent romantic entanglements recently came to an abrupt end for him, and he's not taking it well - gone a bit off the deep end. Turning into a real John Jasper type, unfortunately, in terms of consumption. And he's made some comments recently that don't really reflect a lot of trust in divine providence . . .

    He's a decent musician, and if he really applied himself, he could do a lot of good in the parishes he serves. I just know that he really took this relation to heart, perhaps too much. And he could really use some prayers.
  • CharlesW
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  • Prayers for him.
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  • Maureen
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    You know, in Portugal, St. Anthony of Padua (or rather, St. Anthony of Lisbon - he's their homeboy) is the go-to saint for romantic troubles. And he's a friend of musicians.

    St. Anthony, pray for him!
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  • Maureen, Lord knows he's already on my speed-dial for missing objects. There's a reason he's known as a miracle worker.