In your charity...
  • In your charity, please remember in your prayers during this month of the Holy Souls, Dr. Helmut Roehrig who just passed away earlier today. A professor and department chair of the music department at Xavier University in Cincinnati, the founder and long-time conductor of the Musica Sacra Chorus, a gifted organist and director of music for Christ the King church in Cincinnati.

    Mentor for many musicians, and friend of many more - his loss is keenly felt in the music community of Cincinnati.

    Requiescat in Pace.
  • I'd mention another name I knew from my time in Detroit - Thomas Kuras. Choir director, composer, and musical prodigy - youngest member of the AGO at twenty years of age. Died 20 years ago of cancer. I had the opportunity to see his tombstone in the cemetery opposite Fr. Casey's monastery. The square notes are still there, as mentioned in the wonderful article below. Keep him in your prayers as well.
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    May their memories be eternal.
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