Solemn Vespers - Nov. 5th
  • For anyone in the Cincinnati area... OF Solemn Vespers that might be of interest.
    Thanked by 1CHGiffen
  • I would come if Cincinnati weren't so far from Houston. But, alas!
    There is solemn vespers of the dead at Walsingham at four this Sunday - if any are in the area.
    I, though, will be going to hear the complete Clavier-Ubung III played at three o'clock by Jonathan Ryan on the superb Fritts organ at St Philip's Presbyterian Church.
  • MJO, should I be in Houston at any time, I will definitely IM you so that I can visit your church. I have some fond memories of Houston - mostly gastronomic in nature (my weakness!). It has been several years since I've been there.

    The concert sounds like one to attend for certain!
    Thanked by 1M. Jackson Osborn