Schubert Mass in G, Sunday, Nov. 19th 10:30 am!
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    The St. Cecilia Choir and Choristers of [ ] will be celebrating their annual "Patron Saint's Mass" on Sunday, Nov. 19th, at the 10:30 am Mass, with a liturgical performance of Schubert's Mass No. 2 in G Major, with strings and organ. The Propers will be sung in English plainchant.

    The Mass (Novus Ordo, XXXIII Sunday per annum) will be celebrated ad orientem at the High Altar, and with the assistance of Sacred Ministers, as is done at the Church of St. Agnes in St. Paul, MN.

    Hope to see you there. (And say a prayer for my choir, too -- they're doing well, but they're getting nervous!)
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