Sacred Music Retreat
  • This posting is to announce a Sacred Music Retreat exclusively geared to the Extraordinary Form that will run in August of 2018. Periodic updates will be posted to this thread as they are available, but to start, here is an initial summary:

    The Oratorian Community of Cincinnati will be hosting a Sacred Music Retreat in August of 2018. The retreat will focus on three objectives:
    1. Assisting choir members to understand the dignity, value, and spirituality inherent in being a member of a liturgical choir;
    2. Providing an opportunity to sing various master works of Catholic music and chant in a large choir setting within the liturgy;
    3. Sharing resources and music options that might be particularly helpful for smaller choirs as a take-away from the event.

    Additionally, this could be an excellent opportunity to network with peers and representatives of other parish choirs both regionally and nationally.

    The retreat will run from the afternoon of Wednesday, August 8th to the afternoon of Sunday, August 12th. In all, there are fourteen liturgies over the span of the 4 days including Matins (one nocturn) and Lauds of the Dead; Prime; Vespers; and Compline, each on various days of the retreat. There will also be several sung Masses including a pontifical Requiem on Saturday and a pontifical Mass on Sunday. The retreat will be held on the beautiful grounds of St. Anne Retreat Center in Melbourne, KY (20 minutes from downtown Cincinnati). Retreat participants will be bussed to historic Old St. Mary’s in Over the Rhine for the Office and Mass of the Dead on Saturday and to the beautifully renovated Sacred Heart in Camp Washington for the Sunday Mass. The retreat center has 120 rooms, but registrations will be capped at 110 to allow for presenters and guests.

    There are currently several exciting presenters who have agreed to take part – but a formal announcement of "who" will wait until the lineup of conference and music presenters is mostly complete.

    The schedule is robust, but there are options built-in for flexibility. Registrations will open after Easter (April 1st of 2018) and the fee announced at that time. The registration fee will include lodging for four nights; all meals from Wednesday dinner through Sunday lunch; attendance of all events associated with the retreat; all music and handouts; and transportation to / from the local area churches as needed.

    Why are we announcing so early? We want to allow parishes and choir members time to plan this into their schedule if interested – and possibly to do some fund-raising to underwrite the costs of attending.

    Updates to follow regularly. There is also a Facebook page for the retreat which has just been released, and which will also have updates ongoing. Search for "Sacred Music Retreat" in Facebook to find the page.

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  • Here is the current daily schedule for the retreat - items shaded in light yellow are optional:
    1158 x 485 - 53K
  • I'll be providing monthly updates on the Sacred Music Retreat between now and August.

    In this first update, I'm very pleased to announce our two music presenters. Kevin Allen has graciously agreed to take part in the retreat - he will be running half of the rehearsals and preparing the music for the pontifical Mass on Sunday. I'm sure Mr. Allen needs little introduction in this forum but for those of you not aware he is a very talented composer and director in the Chicago area. I will post more about him separately.

    When the retreat was still germinating as a idea, there was already a thought to use several of the pieces from his Motecta Trium Vocum. So clearly, it is very exciting that he will be one of our presenters! Although much of the repertoire is set, we may be also using his setting of Missa Rex Genitor - we'll determine that sometime in January / February.

    The second music presenter is Nicholas Lemme, director of music for the FSSP American seminary in Nebraska. As with Kevin Allen, I look forward to posting more about Mr. Lemme's background separately.

    Nicholas will be running half the rehearsals and preparing the music for the Matins / Lauds of the Dead and the pontifical Requiem on Saturday. We will be incorporating a mixture of the Victoria Requiem for four voices with the proper chant tone for the Mass.

    I pray all of you may enjoy the fruits of this season as we prepare for Christmas.
  • In addition to the music presenters mentioned above, we are very fortunate to have Msgr. Wadsworth as our spiritual presenter. Like Kevin Allen, Msgr. Wadsworth needs little introduction in this forum, having spoken at CMAA events in the past. Executive Director of ICEL, the monsignor is also assisting the Oratorian Community-in-Formation in Washington DC area.

    Bishop Slattery completes our list of presenters, celebrating the pontifical liturgies on Saturday and Sunday. These include Matins (3rd Nocturn) and Lauds of the Dead and the Pontifical Requiem High Mass at Old St. Mary's on Saturday and the Pontifical High Mass at Sacred Heart on Sunday.

    Of course, in addition to the presenters, we will have members of the Oratorian Community in Cincinnati leading various aspects. Br. Henry Hoffman will be coordinating ceremonies as principle MC; Br. Brent Stull will provide accompaniment as needed for liturgies and practices. Br. Brent (a phenomenal organist and vocalist) will be assisted by another talented musician that will be coming in from Minnesota. The fathers of the Oratory will take part in the liturgies, and a number of other clergy will also be attending / participating as needed in liturgies.
  • Registration will open for the Sacred Music Retreat in the middle of next month. The cost is $450 / person. This covers the expenses of room / board through the retreat; transport to and from local parishes for the pontifical ceremonies; presenter costs; music that will be provided; and a number of other miscellaneous costs.

    The registration form will be made available in the March update to this post as well as via our Facebook page (see above) and to a large e-mail distribution list. Registrations will be capped at 110 attendees.

    Prayers for a successful Lenten preparation.
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    Registration form for the Sacred Music Retreat. Please don't hesitate to follow up with me (contact information is in the form or via an IM on this forum) if you have questions or need assistance.

    Prayers for a profound Passiontide and Holy Week.
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    Please check out the April edition of the Latin Mass Magazine. It features an article by Roseanne Sullivan on the Sacred Music Retreat.

    Registrations have reached nearly a third of available space. Some choirs have indicated they will be registering in May / June time-frame. If you are interested in attending, now is the time to get on board!

    The retreat repertoire includes the following:


    • Wake, Awake, for Night is Flying
    • O Purest of Creatures
    • Ye Souls of the Faithful
    • O Turn to Jesus, Mother, Turn
    • Help, Lord, the Souls
    • Rejoice, Rejoice Believers
    • O Praise ye the Lord


    • Iesu Dulcis (Allen)
    • Bone Pastor (Tallis)
    • Sicut Cervus (Palestrina)
    • O Iesu Christe (Jaquet de Mantua)
    • Magnificat in D (faux bourdon)
    • Miseremini Mei (Anon)
    • Miserere Mei (Lotti)
    • Bonus Est (Palestrina) w/ ison
    • Peccantem Me (Morales)
    • Te Ioseph Celebrent (Ravanello)
    • O Sanctissima (Allen)
    • Ave Maris Stella (Victoria)
    • Panis Angelicus (Allen)
    • Quid Retribuam (Ravanello)
    • Desidero Mi Iesu (Allen)
    • Iesu Rex Admirabilis (Palestrina)

    CHANT and MISC

    • Mass III
    • Kyrie I ad libitum
    • parts of the Requiem for 4 voices (Victoria)
    • Chant Requiem
    • Mass VI
    • Credo VII
    • Salve Regina (Solemn tone) with drone

    We will, of course, be singing from the Office throughout the week... Prime, Compline, Vespers, and Matins / Lauds of the Dead, depending on the day.