Sacred Music Apprenticeship Program at SJB
  • I thought I would share this apprenticeship program for high school students that we have started this year at our parish which has been quite an awesome experience for Elizabeth Black, myself, and the students:

    The idea stemmed from the lack of trained musicians at the parish-level, both cantors and organists, in *all* parts of sacred music: hymnody, psalms, Gregorian chant, and polyphony. In addition, perhaps the most important piece that unites all of it is the practical and spiritual formation.

    So after almost two years of discerning what to do, where last year we had one student serve as our "beloved guinea pig" to test our ideas, Lizzie and I came up with this program which serves our parish. We currently have four parishioners (two choristers, two chorister/organists).

    Looking at this document, it would be great to have your input. It would be even more rewarding if there was a similar program out there that we are not aware of.

    As said earlier, the focus is at the parish-level. We can easily see this go at a much bigger scale but for us right now, the focus is local.

    Thank you!

    James Senson
    Director of Music
    Saint John the Beloved Catholic Church
    McLean, VA
  • If you would like more information about what we do with training organists/cantors, please email directly
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  • in case anyone is interested in our update. year 3

    Sacred Music is Catechesis

    Sacred music apprenticeship shares ancient tradition of Gregorian Chant