Friend is begging me to take her job...
  • A friend of mine recently took a position at my old church. I did my RCIA there, was very involved in their music ministry during that time and it was through their music ministry program that I came to the Catholic faith and converted. She was hired after their director of 25+ years quit in a furious rage. The pastor died and a new one took over. When he did, he saw that this woman was still being paid the same salary that she was when the parish elementary school was open. They had also reduced the number of Masses. The school closed, and the director was no longer teaching music. Tough times, but he had to lower the salary to be in line with what the position actually involves now. So, enter my friend. She took it out of just wanting to try something new, but also because she had just finished her degree and was looking for a full time job with little luck. It just isn’t her cup of tea, and now she wants me to interview there.
    I’ve detailed my issues being the new director at my own job, and she’s dealt with the same stuff. This particular church has little to no interest in traditional music, and while I know enough modern crap to keep them happy, I would definitely want to slowly change things too. I’ve wanted a Catholic position for a long time, and the salary is double what my current one is (and THAT was double my first salary). But am I willing to fight another battle? I don’t know yet. I told her to hang on until after Christmas. I’ve already got everything planned out for my Methodist folks and I’m not going to leave them in the dust right now. Should I at least entertain an interview and try to get an idea of what I’d be walking into? Believe me, it wouldn’t be pleasant, not by the standards most of you forum peeps have...
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    Since you're asking for advice, I hope you'll excuse me for suggesting that you may be putting an incredibly unprofessional amount of 4-1-1 out in public on this forum.
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    Most of what I do in life is to avoid doing music that makes me say the experience

    wouldn't be pleasant.

    Your mileage may vary.

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    Working stably in a position for a while could be good in building your reputation.
  • Not sure how you figure that Kathy, since I didn’t mention any place or person by name.
    I agree, chonak. And that was my first thought when my friend approached me about this. But when any opportunity arises I just like to consider all sides. Nothing more or less meant by it.
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    I suppose if the pastor were clearly in favor of improving the parish's music, it might be a good opportunity to work with him at the start of his pastorate -- which means a six-year term in most dioceses. But without that, I think your job stability would be better elsewhere.
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  • Fidem,

    I use my own name, so that I am more circumspect in what I write. With a last name like mine, it wouldn't take a busybody long to find information. Kathy's point is that you're going to get in trouble with your Methodist employers and put yourself in what my mother would call queer street with a potential new employer in your old Catholic parish.

    I have neither the interest nor the ability to dig up who is attached to the name FideminFidebus, but since you're using a moniker, the person who wanted to cause you trouble could do so with remarkably little effort.
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