Here is the next thing in music.
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    How many pipes would you need to play this, and what would that sound like? Interesting.
  • An interesting electronic or digital phenomenon in its own right. At least it is what it is and isn't claiming to be a 'digital' version, a simulacrum of something that it really isn't and can't be. The distressing aspect of the lady's explanations is that she is already positing this as the 'future' of music which renders our diatonic system 'old fashioned'. Such short sighted attitudes are unfortunate, and show a fundamentally irrational bias with no appreciation of what she is blithely consigning to history's rubbish heap. We can't have 'this' here and 'that' there, but we must say that 'this' is the new actuality and 'that' is the 'old fashioned' one now devoid of legitimacy. What preposterous arrogance and insinuation! What astounding ignorance posing as an authoritative voice! Too, there isn't much about these gadgets that is different from the ondes martinot which, curiously, excited Messiaen. They remain gadgets which are devoid of the beauty and colour of tone produced by real musical instruments. And, not only do they not make beautiful sounds, they are ugly to look at. They might make for an interesting musical scene in Star Trek (and aren't much different from what might have been heard in a third rate 1950s science fiction film), but will never rise to the level of music that is the miracle of our western musical patrimony.
  • Yes, interesting, but can we have a moratorium on considering it for liturgical use for, say, two centuries (or maybe a millenium).
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    How many catchphrases have we heard over and over.

    The internet of things - what the "H" does that even mean? All the information in the world "isn’t worth very much if there isn’t an infrastructure in place to analyze it in real time" - as quoted from one source. Too many try to analyze what they never understood.

    The future of music - no one can predict that. Most who try don't even understand the "now" of music. Does anyone really think Handel could have predicted Dupre?

    The paperless office - first heard that one in 1970. We are still wazoo deep in paper. It's not going anywhere.

    It never stops, does it. To paraphrase Warren Buffett, technology predictions (name your poison here) exist to make fortune tellers look good.

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    I knew that the Ondes Martenot would make a comeback:
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    The internet of things

    It's not well-phrased; what it refers to is plugging "things" into the 'net. "Things" such as refrigerators, stoves, home-security systems, cars, washers/dryers, and HVAC systems.

    The idea is that you, Charles, could command your dishwasher to arise and walk from your phone, using the 'net. Or start your car, from several hundred miles away (GM already has that.)


    Next, you'll be programming the pipe organ and running it with your phone from your dining room table, or bar!
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    Next, you'll be programming the pipe organ and running it with your phone from your dining room table, or bar!

    You will find it strange, but I have a computer science degree and taught that stuff for years. At home, however, everything except my computer is low tech. I don't even own a smart phone, although I do have some tablets and WiFi. So no, the dishwasher, organ, car and all else will have to operate from manual inputs. Harder for the Russians to take over and control. ;-)
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    Harder for the Russians to take over and control

    Or our very own NSA. Or Trump. Or Obama.
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    Sounds weird and rather like new age muzak. So it makes sense that this middle aged woman thinks it's the future.
  • Apparently I can control my washer and dryer with an app on my phone. I’ve never bothered with it and won’t until it can load the machines and fold everything when it’s done.
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    It's true that mechanical keyboards haven't had that good a record. In Gilmore's Harry Partch biography I was surprised to see the name of Donald Pippin, with whom I've performed a lot of bel canto repertoire. Sure enough, he's credited on the old Gate 5 recordings as chromelodeonist, the chromelodeon being a converted harmonium with so many notes inserted into the 7+5 keyboard that one can play diminished seventh chords by using sub- and super-octave couplers. Donald still doesn't want to talk about it.

    If I rewind it seems that what Catherino actually says is (~8:22)
    ...the thing that's captivating about this instrument is that the sounds that it unlocks, the shapes, the colors- we don't really have words for it, but in the ear, it's beautiful and it's something you've never heard before, or can never hear on a traditional keyboard layout, though for me that's where the future lies.

    One shouldn't make a straw-woman of someone who is hardly 'consigning to history's rubbish heap' Vincentino and Costeley but rather choosing an interesting path for herself. Schonberg famously said "There's much good music still to be written in C major", but how much poorer the musical world be if he hadn't taken the leap (here's what Brecht wryly called AS's "Preisstäbilisierendes Harmonie").
  • Richard -
    If you perceive a connexion betwixt the lady's fond teasing of quarter tones out of her boring and ugly electronic gadgetry 'of the future' and Arnold Schoenberg's genius your ratiocination and analyses are indeed more clever (or more creative) than mine.
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    I'm merely timid about judging on the basis of a little noodling. If indeed there's a basis for "preposterous arrogance... astounding ignorance" I'll begin to suspect you have a deeper acquaintance than you're letting on ;-)
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    This 'music of the future' sounds a lot like the New Age music of the 1980s to me.
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    I like the pseudo whale wimpers
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    Sounds like Hearts of Space.