• Matty
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    Can anybody tell me whether there are accompaniments of the Little Office (particularly 2nd Vespers) anywhere online?
  • Matty,

    Acompaniments? Do you mean instrumental, choral, musak, extra add-ins?

    Sorry to be unhelpful, but if you could be precise about this point, you'll get more help.

  • igneusigneus
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    The Little Office varies according to the part of the year, but as most of the Little Office is taken from the Common of BVM and a few Marian feasts, you should be able to find accompaniments for all or most parts in the Nova Organi Harmonia and other organ accompaniments for Vespers.
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  • JonLaird
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    Igneus is correct -- I happen to have the Bas accompaniments in front of me and can construct the necessary collection of chants from it easily. I can scan it in if necessary but the corresponding NOH versions would probably be smoother if available.
  • Matty
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    Hello - sorry I have only just seen these replies. I'll take a look at the NOH, and where is the Bas please?