"Plainsong for Schools"
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    Is anyone familiar with the British book "Plainsong for Schools", published around 1930 with a companion set of accompaniments? A reader in the UK has asked if CMAA would be able to make it available in PDF form, so I wondered if any forum users are familiar with it or have even used it.
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    "Plainsong for Schools" is found in two parts.

    Concordat is 1934 and copyright 1934 Declee & Co. some edition say 1933, and the later editions say the copyright was renewed in 1961.

    The copies I have to hand,
    1937 paperback part 2, printed in Belgium
    1940 Hardback combined ed., printed in England
    1940 paperback part 1, printed in Belgium
    1953 hardback combined ed., printed in Belgium
    1960 paperback part 1, , printed in Belgium
    1961 Hardback combined, printed in Belgium
    1961 Paperback part 2, printed in Belgium

    Scans of title pages,
  • I have used it mostly for the Ordinaries and the singing of Benediction. Really useful little books. Inbox me if you would like to collaborate on getting it online. I have quite a few copies.
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    The Latin Mass Society (England and Wales) received permission to reprint excerpts, and published a small book.

    A quick look at the contents pages will show very little that is not found in say the L.U., so I do wonder if it is worth scanning. Perhaps a webpage with the contents, with scans of the unique pieces, Prayer for the Queen / King, Antiphon before rehearsal, and the hymn Anglorum jam Apostolus (although this hymn is found set to other melodies in other books).

    When I get time I will look through my copies and make a list of unique pieces and add to this post.
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    Are the accompaniment books worth scanning and releasing?
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    Abridged copies for sale here,

    Our copy of the accompaniment book is in pieces, we use the pages with the accompaniment of the Domine Salvam fac and the Marian Anthems. One Organist I know had a reprinted copy, but can't find anything for sale online. I will drop her a line and find out where she got it.

    It may be worth having these scanned if someone has not already!
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    I would definitely use them! That sounds amazing!