"Confitebor tibi" -- SSA Motet by Genevieve Rose Kwasniewski
  • Yesterday the College's Women's Schola performed my daughter's motet "Confitebor tibi, Domine" as a Communion meditation at Mass, and it came off quite well. I am so proud of her! As I said to her afterwards, "I wasn't writing any music at age 15. You've one-upped me, girl."
  • Here's the recording. (They didn't quite get the Amen, but there's always next time!)
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    Lovely! Congratulations to Genevieve Rose.
  • I come from reading an excellent article by your wife Clarissa (please forgive me if she isn't, actually) to finding this.

    Honestly, Professor, is there any member of your family who isn't so A) fervent or B) erudite about their faith? You are blessed beyond words.
  • There are many adults who wouldn't be able to compose as gracefully as your daughter has done. What a gift she has...

    Do you have a source file you could share? I would love to introduce my choir to this, but we'd need a lower key.
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    Congratulations to you and your daughter!
  • Stimson, yes, that's my wife over at 1P5. She hardly ever writes, but when she gets a bee in her bonnet, the prose flows forth. All she had to do was look at a copy of MagnifiKid, and bang! Thank you for your very kind words about the gang.

    Kevin, if you email me at pak(at)wyomingcatholic.net, I can send you a .sib file, if that works for you, or some other format you request.
  • MagnifiKid

    You mean Nameless, of course? :)
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    Prof Kwas,
    A very nice piece indeed from your talented progeny. We'll do it with Voces Angelorum.
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    I had the honor and pleasure to participate in sight singing this months ago with the composer herself... So good to see the young carrying on the tradition of authentic polyphonic composition. Congrats G R!