• Dear friends, I am looking for a Stabat Mater for male voices (perhaps with strings ?). Does anyone know of such a work ? I know of the small ones from e.g. Aichinger and so. But I am looking something more substantial, perhaps in different sections ? It would be for a meditation around the (sad) mysterys of the Rosary in october 2018. Perhaps there is a composer who would like to give it a try ? We have been succesfull here once ! Ray Brasswell made an arrangement of Lemmens' Fanfare which we will sing at easter 2018. Many thanks again, Dirk Maes, Voces Capituli, Belgium.
  • Are you aware of this one by Tartini, a 3?

    (But no strings, that I'm aware of.)
  • Dear John, thanks, but we sing this at the service of Good Friday. The one I am looking for should be a bit more interesting.
  • Schubert D175? Except it's SATB.
  • I bet you've looked at IMSLP (Davy alla 4b if you have the right voices, or Boccherini an octave lower, maybe) but did you already think of https://www.stabatmater?
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  • Maybe Lebegue's 'Offertoire sur le Stabat Mater' (from the 3me Livre d'Orgue) transcribed for string quartet in alternatim with a mens choir singing the gregorian hymn line for the Stabat Mater might do the job.
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  • Maestro Maes,

    I have always held a particular love for the Stabat Mater & would love to compose a setting for you.

    Which verses would you like set? Do you have organ & strings or just strings? How many male voices, and what voicing?

    And when do you require a finished product?
  • Dear NihilNominis, thank you for your offer. The Stabat Mater is to be sung at a meditation at Antwerp Cathedral in october 2018. The precentor is not keen on instruments so possibly it would have to be TTB or TTBB. There are 5 (sorrowly) mysteries, so if possible it would be in six parts : an 'intro' and after each mystery. If it would be a complete Stabat mater, we could also use it at liturgy on Good Friday. It does not have to be a 'concert' Stabat mater, but surely fascinating enough to keep the listeners interested. Would love to consult with you on this matter. Dirk
  • Thank you, Dirk!

    I would love to undertake this project. Admittedly, I had been looking forward to writing for the strings, but I will be happy to produce an unaccompanied setting. I will send you a PM and we can discuss more details.

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    New fauxbourdon for SABof the traditional stabat mater tune with English text (corresponds to breaking bread)
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  • If you are looking for something extremely accessible, I can recommend a few settings from the repertoire of the California Missions. The choirs of the time were normally accompanied with orchestras of the Classical Iberian variety. Let me know if this sounds interesting.
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    StimsonInRehab's suggestion of Schubert's Stabat Mater D 175 caught my eye....
    so I added these yesterday...

    Soprano: https://youtu.be/ViyfDDN0PaU
    Alto: https://youtu.be/lMKeQ-GDYbs
    Tenor: https://youtu.be/1ZMYSZ4r7YE
    Bass: https://youtu.be/4X71Ck0z_I0
    Score: https://youtu.be/vE_0N3tjbjU
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    Charpentier's is exquisite but you would in all probability need female voices to accompany the men, unless you pitched it down a bit or had some extraordinary countertenor talent.