Neumes and theology
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    Concerning the 4-sides of square notation, I've been trying to discern if this style of notation denies the trinity.

    The punctum is of particular concern. I suppose the torculus and porrectus could be justified by a skilled theologian, but the individual notes of each are still 4-sided.
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    4 Gospels/4 Evangelists, problem solved. You're welcome.
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    There are four real relations in God: Paternity, filiation, spiration, and procession.

    Be at peace, my son.
  • And there are four hymns in the Mass.
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    I think we can now safely update the Category from General to Amusements.
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    And I'm pretty sure the Lord somewhere said:

    "And let there be four quarters in a football game."
    Overtime is from the Enemy.
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  • One of my earliest childhood memories is of how hard I ended up stomping the first time I tried getting an explanation of Dreivierteltakt.
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    @eft94530 has quite something of a hypothesis.
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  • But, what about the 9 innings in Baseball?
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    Trumped by the 4 major basilicas.
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    Actually, the original square note was in that shape because back in the middle ages they did not have the technology to allow smooth images so the notes came out looking like blocks. Even though we now possess that ability, we still keep them the same way because the retro look is in style.
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  • Not so much a lack of technology as the use of a wide-nibbed pen, the same sort of pen that gives us the thick lettering in written documents of the time, and which later evolved into the so-called 'gothic' script which we like from time to time. (I think that this is pretty common knowledge.)
  • Trumped by the 4 major basilicas.

    No reason to bring politics into this.
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    There's also this.
    1334 x 750 - 132K
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  • So is it safe to assume that that all music written in rounded notes is theologically perfect?
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  • Oh no. Not at all!
    Rounded notes are imperfect, theologically or otherwise.
    Everyone knows that anything that is 'rounded off' is incomplete, less than the whole - imperfect.
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    The four hymn sandwich if you are hungry after reading all this.
    (This sandwich may give indigestion)