Confessional optional?
  • There's an abbey nearby and the abbey church does not have a confessional. I asked a few of the monks why not and they all said "because we're not a parish". I checked online and canon law seems to say that all Catholics have the right to anonymous confession, and that the Sacrament should be administered in a church, not a counseling room for instance.
    Are these monks right or not?
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    I'm guessing if you call and make an appointment and ask for confession to be anonymous they'll make some sort of arrangement for you.
  • Daniel,

    While certain communities may not be obligated to have private/anonymous confession spaces, you're quite right that we (all) have the right to receive the sacrament anonymously.
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    Funny, I would have thought that of all people, monks would need anonymous confession the most. I know that the seal exists, but it must be awkward confessing to the subprior that you gossiped about the abbot.
  • Rule of St Benedict Ch 7:44
    44. The fifth step of humility one achieves when one doesn't conceal from his abbot any sinful thoughts entering his heart, or any wrongdoings committed in secret, but rather confesses them humbly to his abbot,
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  • Provided they are not responsible for pastoral care of an area or group of people, I do not see an issue.

    All Catholics in the area do have the opportunity for anonymous confession - in their local parish church. They may also have the opportunity for non-anonymous confession in some other places, including the local abbey.