Council Fathers on Latin and Dangers on Altering the Liturgy
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    I hate to say it, but when I read about Vatican II and read the documents, I am struck with the scriptural thought that it is all sound and fury signifying nothing. It doesn't make much difference what the council fathers thought, since they went home and did the opposite.
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    When did Shakespeare become holy writ? I missed it, I guess.
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    When did Shakespeare become holy writ? I missed it, I guess.

    Then you were not in 12th grade English class taught by Mrs. Campbell. She looked 3-feet-wide, had a bun, and considered the bard as the highest form of holy writ. LOL.
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    "....holy writ..."

    You also missed Nat'l Honor Society moderated by Fr. Crowley, S.J.
  • Sound & Fury! I love that comedy improv group! Very funny! If you can catch them at a Renaissance Faire, be sure to do so!!!!
  • Uhh, duh! Shakespeare (everyone's favorite alcoholic, depressed Recusant) wrote the King James Bible!
  • You can not fully appreciate the Divine Office until you have heard it in the Original Klingon.....
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  • Um, Chris -
    Would that be the Klingon James Version?
  • Jackson,

    Probably. I wonder, though, if Klingon has an equivalent of Comme le prevoit's dynamic equivalence? Does the Klingon homeworld have an equivalent to Thomas Cranmer (in terms of his grasp of the beauty of the language) or a Thomas More (in terms of defending proper translation).
  • I convinced my friends there was a Star Trek rosary this past week. Imagine chanting in Mode VIII "The needs of the ma-ny * outweigh the needs of the few or the one."
  • Stimson......

    Never mind. This rabbit hole is my fault.

  • Props for the Star Trek reference, Stimson.
  • Clerget, I've been trying to work in a Farscape reference on this forum somehow, but it's just toooo frelling hard! . . .
  • It's been a very long time since I've seen Farscape.
  • Loved that show. Got my step-daughter the entire series as a present for her college graduation.
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  • Stimson, we could do a soggetto cavallo on Voyager 6.
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  • I don't know why a Farscape reference would be hard, Chonak is definitely a PeaceKeeper!
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  • And Melo must be Dominar of some choir somewhere!!!
  • If you think about it, Clerget, we could do a remake of Wrath of Khan, only we replace Khan with Luther, Palestrina with James T. Kirk, and the Kobayashi Maru test with the Council of Trent. (His answer being the Pope Marcellus Mass, of course. He doesn't like to lose.)
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    And Melo must be Dominar of some choir somewhere!!!
    Stimson, this here Kwire Wrangler is done retired, finally.

    And there was great rejoicing.