Good meditation music
  • What are some good meditation instrumentals. I'm a bit tired of hearing Filipino Jesuit Instrumentals. I'll be using the music for my seminary's meditation
  • francisfrancis
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    the art of fugue
  • Also other longer polyphonic works, such as Tientos by Cabezon and Cabanilles.
  • The slow movement of Bach's Italian concerto
    His works for solo violin
    Some of the WTC
    Some Mozart and Beethoven symphony slow movements
    Howells' psalm preludes for organ
  • The sound of silence. IOW, no music.
  • CharlesW
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    I use works by John Stanley quite often. Some of the classic French slow pieces are nice, too. Muffat adagios are nice.
  • All available from IMSLP:

    -Frescobaldi (works from Fior musicali, and other misc. such as Capriccio pastorale)
    -Telemann (see his chorale preludes and fugues for organ)
    -Pachelbel (some chorale preludes and many movements from his Magnificat fugues)
    -Girolamo Cavazzoni (see his organ hymns and organ Masses)

    I also second the Spanish composers mentioned above -- they have some of the most poignant dissonances

    [Edit: See also organ hymns & organ Masses by G.B. Fasolo, again available on IMSLP]
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  • Liam
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    What is the context for these meditations?
  • One might be tempted to guess the unspecified instrument is a boombox, begging the question why not vocal?

    Paart: Da Pacem
    Haas: In Vain
    Feldman: 4tte No. 2
    and of course Obrecht: Maria zart
  • Gregorian Chant

    Incomparable for Meditation, which is also why it is still sung in Monasteries.

    If Priests, Brother, Nuns & Sisters meditate to it, how can there be a better choice?

    And it does introduce them to the ONLY music sung worldwide in Catholic churches.

    Once they have absorbed that, music above on special occasions.

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    By the way, if the people in charge are only willing to use "contemporary" music, you could try the John Michael Talbot instrumental album "The Quiet". Amazon's site has MP3 samples.
    If vocal music were an option, then songs from Taize might be suitable. The refrains are often drawn from the liturgy.

  • CharlesW
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    Pastor, remember me
    I am in your congregation
    Pastor remember me...............
  • melofluentmelofluent
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    Music for Airports; Brian Eno
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    Taize(d) chant
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    Now, now; remember we're talking about suggestions for a seminary where the formators' idea of suitable music is Jesuit instrumentals.

    (Melo, glad to find another fan of that Eno piece.)

    Oh, come to think of it, a chant schola here in Boston did a "meditation"-type album in 1990, together with a pianist who belonged to the Redemptorist order: you can download it here from my personal web site.
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    I am on your page

    that is NOT Taize
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