Parish in Sweden?
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    This may be a tall order but does anyone know of any parish in Sweden that is serious about liturgy and sacred music? I have friends living in Stockholm for the school year and they have been underwhelmed by the parishes they've visited so far. Thanks!
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  • I keep hearing that it's just as bad if not worse in Europe than it is here.

    I would be overjoyed to learn that this is not so.
    Surely, our European cousins have their own St John Cantiuses and Walsinghams.
    Let us hear from them!
  • There are only three parishes in Stockholm. From the website of St Eugenia, Stockholm (Google translation)
    Santa Eugenia Gregorianska schola

    The choir is a female ensemble dedicated to the Church's classical music, the Gregorian. The choir sings songs from the Graduale Triplex.
    St Eugenia have 'High Mass in English' Sunday 6pm. NB It's a Jesuit church. EDIT[and there are 8500 parishoners, so it is easy to miss something]
  • There is also a 'Ukrainian Greek-Catholic' mission in Sweden, with a monthly celebration of the Divine Liturgy in Stockholm. I hope the dignity and music there are better than your average 'Roman'.
  • I run a "club" called the Bishop Nelson Club to support the Catholic Church in Sweden, where the Catholic population is tiny. (Bishop Nelson was an American Benedictine and was, at one time, Bishop of Stockholm). Shortly, I will be sending the dues collected for 2017 (only $8 a year in case anyone would like to join) to recently made cardinal Anders Arborelius in Stockholm. I will be glad to ask him where sacred Catholic music can be found in his country. Since we communicate snail-mail style, this may take a couple of weeks; but I will let you know anything I find out.
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    Thanks everyone!

    oldhymns, I look forward to an update!
  • Cardinal Arborelius has responded to my inquiry concerning sacred Catholic music in Sweden. He has stated, "We do not have so outstanding sacred music in our humble circumstances. Look at the Cathedral and St. Eugenia. There will be some good music for holy Mass."
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