Schubert Mass in G: Organ Part & Orchestral Score
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    My choir (barring a blizzard or an outbreak of flu) will be singing Schubert's Mass in G (full text of Gloria added; Credo omitted - i.e. not in Schubert's setting) on November 19th. I have the String parts, but I am wondering if anyone has a copy of the organ part and a full score with the vocal parts in G-clefs that they could send me (the IMSLP score is in C-clefs). Thanks in advance.
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    Do you have Finale? The Finale .MUS scores are available with vocal parts in traditional clefs from Manfred Hoessl (zipped):

    Organ-vocal score:

    Orchestral score:

    In case you forget, simply to go CPDL and look for Hoessl's edition.
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  • It is too bad that Schubert did not set the entire text of the Credo. What he did set in the Mass in G is quite lovely.
  • It is too bad that Schubert did not set . . .

    Yeah, I hate that bad habit of his to pick and choose with the texts of the Ordinary. He did that with every mass setting he did. Why couldn't he have been a well-behaved pagan like Neukomm or Beethoven (heh) and stick to the text?