Where to sell used choral music?
  • Has anyone sold their unwanted choral music online?

    I have a large number of - ahem - unwanted octavos I'd like to sell, 20-30 copies each in pretty good shape. It's mostly SATB with keyboard accompaniment from major publishers (GIA, OCP, Oxford, etc.), both specifically Catholic music and general sacred music. I see a number of different websites that offer to list your titles with different arrangements for shipping, etc. Any recommendations or sites to avoid?
  • Do you have your titles catalogued?
    I would be interested in Early English or Modern English titles from the likes of Oxford, etc.
    Also Early European.

    I have an extensive collection of octavos and anthologia, but am always 'on the look out' for something undiscovered.
  • The titles are not catalogued yet.

    I'm sorry to say that most of the music would not be of great interest to CMAAers but I'll let you know of anything comes up.
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    Sounds like a camp fire opportunity... why recycle what should not exist in the first place?

    If we all just stopped supporting (playing for, singing for, directing for) music that is NOT, would it make ANY difference? (It is the tack I have presently taken.)

    If the piano is in the forest and there is no one to play it, will the music harm you? Will God finally uncover his ears?

    If we insisted on only playing the organ, would the piano eventually be removed? (After all, I studied organ for this job, not the piano)

    If we only used the GR would the hymnal be removed?

    If we said we are incapable of playing the dreck, would we be replaced? Gladly! (I will not lend my talent to the banal.)

    (sorry for the rant... had to get that off my back)

    I have a large number of - ahem - unwanted octavos
    We also don't want them to exist and find a "nu home"... If I were speaking for God (and I might or might not be, but more likely am), I don't think he wants them either... burn them.
  • Well, the real junk I'm going to throw away, but there is some stuff that, while not appropriate for a Catholic liturgy, is still fine music (e.g. Bach cantatas) or passable music that I have little interest in doing (elaborate hymn settings, arrangements of spirituals, John Rutter).
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    John Rutter

    Say it ain't so: no more "For the byootee of thee uh-uh-uh-uttthhhh....?"
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  • Which Bach cantatas?
    Which editions?
    Which publishers?
  • I'll get back to you on that.
  • The best place to list music for sale directly is ChoralNet.

    The two most active dealers in used choral music are
    www.youngsmusic.com and

    I only have experience with them as a buyer--quite good in both cases--not as a seller.