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  • A week ago my cousin was out jogging with a friend, collapsed, and had a seizure. Scans revealed a brain tumor. She had surgery today and the biopsy revealed stage 2 cancer. Her name is Anne. She has a husband and two young children. Please keep her in your prayers. Thank you.
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    Praying for Anne, her husband, and their two young children. May God be with them all, ease their trials, and bring healing to Anne,
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  • Prayers.
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    Our pastor's tumor was excised and found to be malignant. But he's recuperating under treatment, and made a surprise visit and concelebration with us last Sunday.
    Talitha koum.
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  • Thank you all. I will give any updates when I get them. They are doing some tests to find out if there is a genetic component, as there is, unfortunately, a family history of various types of cancer.
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  • Praying for the intercession of St. Peregrine.
  • Not a good update: After the doctors operated and had a chance to examine the tumor, my cousin’s diagnosis was changed to a grade 3 astrocytoma, which is very rare, very invasive. From what I’ve read about it, it’s almost always fatal. I also learned that she has already suffered brain damage from the initial seizure/stroke, and is not able to fully understand what is happening. Her sister’s husband is a reknowned radiologist and is on her medical team-so for that we are very thankful. Send prayers as well to my great aunt and uncle. They are in their 70’s and while
    both are in good health, they have an arduous road ahead as they support their daughter during her treatment.
  • Will be adding this intention to my daily Rosary (now I have a good reason to get back into that habit).

    Do not be sorrowful or regretful;
    Be calm, as God has ordained,
    and thus my will shall be content.

    What do you want to worry about from day to day?
    There is One who stands above all
    who gives you, too, what is yours.

    Only be steadfast in all you do,
    stand firm; what God has decided,
    that is and must be the best.
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