Credo III in English with chant notation?
  • This may have already been addressed in a thread, but I've been unable to find it.
    I'd like to teach and use Credo III in English, but I also want to teach it in chant notation as a way to accustom people to chant notation. (And we want to use Credo III since it's the one published in English in most missalettes/hymnals in use in our area)
  • Many thanks!
  • Pulchritudo_musicae,

    ONLY if the text and the music work without damage to either should you put an English text to a Latin melody.

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  • davido
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    The Anglicans and Lutherans used Credo I and III in English for years before Vatican II. Now, they did a better job setting it to music...

    Does anyone have accompaniments to the ICEL Credos besides ICEL's accompaniment? I've seen Fr. Krisman's accompaniment to Credo I in GIA books - very good, but it switches the order of the alternating "verses" from what I am accustomed to - i.e., full registration first, choir registration second.
  • That is weird that the verses are switched. Every recording I have heard of the Creed sung alternating has the choir first and then the full registration. Without having seen the specific accompaniment you are using, is it possible to use it but just playing it backwards from how it is written?
  • RevAMG
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    ICEL's accompaniment to Credo I here.
    ICEL's accompaniment to Credo III here.
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    Thanks for the ICEL accompaniments. as I mentioned before, I’ve seen them. And they’re terrible.
  • davido
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    Nathan, you can’t really switch them because the voicing is fuller with more bass, while the other is sparse, usually only 3 voice texture
  • I was hoping they were in the same voicing and style making it easy to just switch how you play it. I don't know of any other accompaniment besides the ICEL ones, which you have said you don't like. Sorry I can't be of more help.