English motets website, planning stages-*Input appreciated!*
  • Heath
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    As many of you know, I've released a couple books (third is coming down the pipeline!) containing Renaissance motets in English adapted from their Latin originals. It's been great fun, and I'm looking down the road at the hopes of putting together a website where one can download the motets and then I'll probably stop cranking out physical books.

    A few descriptors of what I have in mind and then some questions:

    -The site would have all the motets I've already done and dozens (eventually, hundreds) more, adding a few every month.
    -The first few years will be 2 and 3 part stuff; when I run out, I'll start wading into 4 part stuff.
    -The site would be subscription based: I'll charge a fee and then a user can have unlimited access.
    -Transpositions can be done easily upon request.

    I would love some feedback concerning a few questions I have:

    -I don't think I'll do one-year subscriptions . . . probably either a five-year and/or a lifetime subscription. *How much would you and/or your church be willing to pay for something such as this?*

    -*Do you have a favorite website that I could look at that a) is pleasing to the eye, b) is easy to navigate, and c) has some similarities to what I'm proposing above?*

    -*What are some rookie mistakes I'm sure to make?* : )

    ...and to try to predict a couple comments that are sure to arise:

    -Yes, everything will be in English. Yes, I know that Latin is better. : )
    -No, I don't plan on doing it all for free.

    I'm sure I have more questions which I'll share below as I think of them. Thanks in advance for your input!

  • Heath
    Posts: 903
    I'm bump just once in hopes of some feedback. : )