Daycare/Camp at Colloquium
  • My wife was able to attend the final Mass of the 2017 Colloquium. We were discussing how it would be possible for parents of young children to attend, and she thought that the offering of daycare would be nice. However, then she realized that a camp would be a great parallel to the Colloquium, to get children singing chant. Anyone reading who's involved with planning next year's Colloquium?
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    I believe the campus next year has some very strict rules involving children. More details to follow.
  • Any further details available on the regulations pertaining to children? Haven't attended since the nearly two-year-old was born, but would love to do so.
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    Now Colloquium needs to come up with the week-long chant equivalent of Kindermusik. (Unless I've missed such a critter being formulated?)
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  • I agree that it would be very nice if we had the possibility of offering either daycare or some other program for children during the Colloquium. Unfortunately, we simply do not have resources for it. There are many hoops through which to jump when it comes to anything related to children and their safety. This year, at Loyola, we had to restrict the age of participants to those 16 and older for that reason. I can only imagine the type of regulations we would have to comply with for essentially running a children's camp or daycare facility... I haven't had any significant numbers requesting this type of thing and don't foresee us adding this to the Colloquium planning for the foreseeable future.

    However, there have been attendees who have brought their children (and either a spouse or good friend or babysitter) along and who have made it into a sort of family vacation. Perhaps there may even be a possibility of collaboration between individuals so that outings for the children and caregivers could be planned. This would have to be done on your own, however, since we really just don't have the capability to take on this type of planning.

    The forum is a really good place to make initial contact with others interested and following up by personal message for this type of plan.