• As I continue to slog through the creation of The Catholic Hymnal, I am wrapping up Hymns To Mary, traditional hymns over the past 150 years.

    The verse is wonderful to read. And it struck me that having read some of Kathy Pluth's work is that there are writers/translators out there tofay who are talented and are creating new texts.

    Combine that with new music by composers and we have new hymns and chants. So we are entertaining submissions,

    A few criteria: Hymns that interest people seem to fall into a set format, first of all, written in a set poetic metre. Free verse or even worse, the bizarre practice of writing a chorus that is singable followed by verses that require melodic patters for each verse....well, that's out.

    Then, more people will try a hymn if it is in traditional SATB format.

    I realize that this is confining, but being creative within guidelines is out job.

    Chants are a different story, of course.

    No promises that anything accepted will be accepted, but everything that is submitted will be evaluated.

    noel jones

    PS: This hymnal project is designed for singing at Eucharistic Devotions, Novenas and so on....I am a firm proponent of singing the music OF the Mass AT the Mass.
  • francis
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    Hi Noel:

    Collaboration is a great thing. I have many hymns, psalms, etc. Here is one on this board.


    I would like to set some of Kathy's text too!
  • Kathy
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    I hadn't seen that posting--very kind, and I like your meditation on the Psalm.

    Why not get in touch with me? hymnwriter at gmail

    Btw, just want to mention that of course hymns are integral to the Liturgy of the Hours, as well as to devotions! Cheers.
  • francis
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    We should! You have great command of words! I will drop you an email. I am getting ready to put together a hymnal for our parish and would like to include your Stabat Mater for starters.
  • miacoyne
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    This is exciting. We desperately need a 'safe' hymnal from which catholics can sing without worrying about what they are singing about. (and without going through so many old and new hymnals looking for good hymns)
    With PBC and your new hymnal, we can really start to 'Sing Like a Catholic' again. Thanks guys. I know it will take time, but I can't wait.
  • I continue to pursue Imprimatur for everything that is involved in the project.
  • francis
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    I have your eucharistic hymnal. Are you working on yet another?
  • Wrapping up Hymns To Mary this week.
  • looking forward to it...