Beatus Natalis -- Happy Birthday "motet" (?!)
  • Dear friends,

    I would be most grateful for your input as to the effectiveness and usefulness of this polyphonic setting of "happy birthday" - i.e., "Beatus Natalis".

    This was written in the 1990s for an informal gathering celebrating the birthday of the late Monsignor Richard Schuler (requiescat in pace), but i'm wondering if it could be useful in place of gaudy renditions done at the "announcement" time at an OF Mass. Or as a prelude to an EF Mass when it's Father's birthday, etc.

    The points of imitation are based on the melodic phrases of "Happy Birthday to You". The text could of course be legitimately Latinized in various ways, but this rendition had Monsignor's approval, at least! There are at least a couple improperly-prepare-and/or-resolved fourths that I couldn't fix without ruining the integrity of the imitation, so I left them.

    Even though this is a light-hearted piece, I am serious about your thoughts on its usability - for, that's ultimately what we write music for, isn't it?

  • In liturgy, I wouldn't use it during Mass, maybe after the final blessing and Ite are finished. Great piece for choir parties with member birthdays, though.
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  • Mons Carmeli,

    What a hoot! Thank you. I've written a piece based on the Beatles' tune When I'm 64, as a birthday present for my wife (who isn't 64 -- it's just an important tune for us)

    As to actual use..... Definitely not at Mass, but I could see it at a choir party or at any event highlighting the versatility of polyphonic techniques.
  • MatthewRoth
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    Donut and coffee hour would be ideal for this.
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