Setting of the Lorica of St. Patrick?
  • This Sunday (June 11) we celebrate the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity.

    Does anyone know of a setting (aside from Hymnal 1940 and Hymnal 1982) of this text, the Lorica of St. Patrick, in a musically majestic style, either for voices or for Organ?
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    I'm a fan of the version in the Pius X hymnal.
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    That's Ted Marier's harmonization of the Stanford melody, with the first line as "I Clasp Unto My Heart This Day".
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    Yes. Also without some of the text changes that I didn't care for in HPSC.
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    Off at a tangent, but here is the text as interpreted visually by Archibald Knox in a work which he never completed.
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    Too late, but for the record there are settings listed on wikipedia, including Arvo Pärt.
  • Many props for the Stanford setting, particularly of the final stanza. Marier's setting is unfortunately musically and textually deficient.
  • Is the Latin text anywhere set to music?
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    Is there a translation into Latin? It was composed in (Old) Irish.
  • I have the text in Latin. I know it was composed in Gaelic, except that the last verse was in Latin, but since I'm hoping to find either a chant (think litany) or a skilled polyphonic composer, to use this text on Trinity Sunday after Mass -- or, for that matter, for one of the Walks for Life -- there needs to be music for it.
  • Can you post the latin? We need the text to take a crack at composing something.
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    There is a version in Latin down this page : If you have a subscription to Scribd there is one there for download.
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  • Sancti Patricii Hymnus ad Temoriam.

    Ad Temoriam hodie potentiam praepollentem invoco Trinitatis,
    Credo in Trinitatem sub unitate numinis elementorum.
    Apud Temoriam hodie virtutem nativitatis Christi cum ea ejus baptismi,
    Virtutem crucifixionis cum ea ejus sepulturae,
    Virtutem resurrectionis cum ea ascensionis,
    Virtutem adventus ad judicium aeternum.
    Apud Temoriam hodie virtutem amoris Seraphim in obsequio angelorum,
    In spe resurrectionis ad adipiscendum praemium.
    In orationibus nobilium Patrum,
    In praedictionibus prophetarum,
    In praedicationibus apostolorum,
    In fide confessorum,
    In castitate sanctarum virginum,
    In actis justorum virorum.
    Apud Temoriam hodie potentiam coeli,
    Lucem solis,
    Candorem nivis,
    Vim ignis,
    Rapiditatem fulguris,
    Velocitatem venti,
    Profunditatem maris,
    Stabilitatem terrae,
    Duritiam petrarum.
    Ad Temoriam hodie potentia Dei me dirigat,
    Potestas Dei me conservet,
    Sapientia Dei me edoceat,
    Oculus Dei mihi provideat,
    Auris Dei me exaudiat,
    Verbum Dei me disertum faciat,
    Manus Dei me protegat,
    Via Dei mihi patefiat,
    Scutum Dei me protegat,
    Exercitus Dei me defendat,
    Contra insidias daemonum,
    Contra illecebras vitiorum,
    Contra inclinationes animi,
    Contra omnem hominem qui meditetur injuriam mihi,
    Procul et prope,
    Cum paucis et cum multis.
    Posui circa me sane omnes potentias has
    Contra omnem potentiam hostilem saevam
    Excogitatam meo corpori et meae animae;
    Contra incantamenta pseudo-vatum,
    Contra nigras leges gentilitatis,
    Contra pseudo-leges haereseos,
    Contra dolum idololatriae,
    Contra incantamenta mulierum,
    Et fabrorum ferrariorum et druidum,
    Contra omnem scientiam quae occaecat animum hominis.
    Christus me protegat hodie
    Contra venenum,
    Contra combustionem,
    Contra demersionem,
    Contra vulnera,
    Donec meritus essem multum praemii.
    Christus mecum,
    Christus ante me,
    Christus me pone,
    Christus in me,
    Christus infra me,
    Christus supra me,
    Christus ad dextram meam,
    Christus ad laevam meam,
    Christus hine,
    Christus illine,
    Christus a tergo.
    Christus in corde omnis hominis quem alloquar,
    Christus in ore cujusvis qui me alloquatur,
    Christus in omni oculo qui me videat,
    Christus in omni aure quae me audiat.
    Ad Temoriam hodie potentiam praepollentem invoco Trinitatis.
    Credo in Trinitatem sub Unitate numinis elementorum.
    Domini est salus,
    Domini est salus,
    Christi est salus,
    Salus tua, Domine, sit semper nobiscum.
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