Concert of contemporary sacred music at St. John Cantius, Sunday, June 25, 3:30 pm
  • Dear Friends on the Forum,

    Most of you have probably seen the announcement over at NLM or Chant Cafe, but I wanted to mention it here, as well, in case it could reach some others in the greater Chicago area who wouldn't otherwise know about it.

    Timothy Woods and The Ecclesia Choir will be doing a concert program of my sacred choral works at the historic St. John Cantius Church in downtown Chicago, on Sunday, June 25, at 3:30 pm. The program will be as follows:

    PART I: Music of the Holy Triduum

    1. Seven Mandatum Antiphons (2010), dedicated to Arvo Pärt
    i. After the Lord had risen from supper
    ii. The Lord Jesus, after he had supped
    iii. Lord, dost thou wash my feet?
    iv. If I, your Lord and Master
    v. By this shall all men know
    vi. A new commandment give I unto you
    vii. Let there abide in you
    2. Tantum Ergo II, III, V (2013), dedicated to Sean Gordon Lewis
    3. Reproaches for Good Friday, Setting II (2013), in English & Greek
    4. Reproaches for Good Friday, Setting V (2016), in Latin & Greek
    5. Venit Jesus, from Three Easter Motets (2010)

    PART II: Motets for the Church Year

    6. Thee, O Mary, Will I Praise (2013), text by Angelus Silesius
    7. O Clarissima Mater (2013), text by St. Hildegard of Bingen
    8. Christus Natus (2014)
    9. The Coventry Carol (2010)
    10. My Jesus, Mercy (2013)
    11. O Passio Magna (2014)
    12. Non vos relinquam (1994)
    13. Two Settings of Psalm 116 (2013), dedicated to Benedict XVI

    I'm thrilled about this opportunity to share my music with a wider audience, and especially look forward to meeting people and seeing friends and acquaintances at the modest reception afterwards.

    If you are within striking distance of Chicago, please consider coming for the occasion!
    2550 x 3300 - 1M
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    Best wishes, Peter!
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    Congratulations! What an honour!
  • (I wish I could join all my friends at the Colloquium this year, but the retreat for Benedictine oblates of Norcia at Marytown in Chicago conflicted directly with it!)

    So... in recent days, I was excited to receive recordings from a choir in Scotland, Cantiones Sacrae, from a forthcoming CD. The tracks haven't been mixed yet, but these raw takes are quite good in their own right.

    Here they are singing the Kyrie of my Missa Spe Salvi:

    And the motet "O Clarissima Mater" (which will be on the concert program this Sunday at Cantius):

    Hope to see some of you on Sunday!
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  • Attended yesterday the final rehearsal before Sunday's concert at Cantius. The choir is doing a marvelous job with the music.

    Here's a quick video put together last night, with a performance of Tantum Ergo III:
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