St. Romanos Psalter---a new collection of the Lectionary Psalms
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    From the St. Romanos Psalter, an ongoing composition project:

    The Vigil of the Assumption


    I plan to complete the Lectionary Psalms by August 2017. The scores are included below for your perusal. Feedback and comments welcome.

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  • Caleferink
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    First thing I noticed: the Psalm texts need to underlay the notes much better, i.e. put the flex of the text directly aligned with the note on which it moves. Example: vs. 2 of the Assumption Vigil: you want the psalmist to move up to the A-flat on "with" but it's underneath the F. It looks quite confusing for those of us who are pros, let alone the volunteers most of us work with. Lacking the ability to do that on your program, you might be able to show just the tone and have the stanzas in block text form, bolding and italicizing where appropriate. Apologies for starting this thread off with a negative observation - I think it's awesome to see composers setting liturgical texts like this in a noble and sacred fashion as opposed to a lot of the pop-sounding stuff the big publishers churn out. But it would greatly help if the text underlay was better.

    It looks like a great project that you're on...keep going!
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    Good idea----I've been thinking about that for the past three years. My first impulse is that text block and verse tone would be better (and a bit more readable) than aligning the text and music. Give me a second to draft an example. And thanks for the kind words! Constructive negativity is very useful, too---no worries!
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    Ok, here's a revision with verse tones and pointed text blocks. The volunteers I've worked with on these for the past few years have had the most trouble with aligning the verses with the moving notes; Caleferink's observation is borne out in real life.

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    Thanks for these, I see that you have written quite a few and have posted more videos here:

    Really, good, please keep it up!
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  • Kathy
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    These sound really great!!
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    Thanks! It’s been a lot of work but satisfying too. I’m glad you enjoyed them. The link to the updated YouTube channel is:

    And if you like the music, the Saint Romanos Psalter is available here:

    And here is a sample collection of some of the settings: from Saint Romanos Psalter.pdf?dl=0

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  • Joseph Michael
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    These settings are pleasing and worthy Holy Mass. Thank you for creating this music and for sharing it.