"Blessed the man who delights in the Lord's commands" needed for wedding
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    Arghhhh - the couple changed their minds on the Responsorial for this Saturday's wedding. And of course, while I've got settings for virtually all of the 10,000 options, I don't have this one. (The verses come from Ps. 112.)

    I couldn't find one in the Chabanel. Any straightforward medium-voice setting would be greatly appreciated. Nothing operatic because I have to play the organ and sing this, okay?

    By point of comparison, do you know how many choices I had to make for my wedding in the Russian Orthodox Church? None, zero, zip, nada. The choir sang what they always sang. The priest did what he always did.

    Many thanks in advance.
  • Maybe this will do in the emergency. Feel free to alter the pointing. Verses from the 1966 Grail. (I'm basing the response text on what's on Chabanel, not having a new Lectionary in the house.)
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    mjballou, i am sorry there is not one on Chabanel yet

    but it looks like Richard R. saved the day !
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    Jeff - while I know that you, like Jeffrey Tucker, are a vampire and never need to sleep (thus making your myriad projects/compositions/good works possible), I will forgive you for not having a setting of each of the 10,000 options available. At least not yet. When I went through the Chabanel the other day (I sneak it in on Saturdays when I'm all alone), I was dazzled by the possibilities.

    Richard R. - you're a prince. I'd cobbled together a refrain of my own with a slightly altered (by me) version of the Gelineau psalm setting. This one of yours is a pleasure to sing.

    Many thanks.
  • "This one of yours is a pleasure to sing."

    ...from the organ bench, you say? Saints preserve you. (We do what we have to do...) Will you be scattering rose petals from the loft on the happy couple as well?
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    Scattering rose petals probably happens when you draw one of those unmarked stopknobs
    like Zymbelstern or Fuchsschwanz.

    For the un-initiated:
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    Rose petals are "streng verboten" at my church. Maybe I should get a bubble wand?