When the organist dresses up the last verse a bit too much
  • CharlesW
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    It wasn't so bad. I rather liked it. However, my congregation would be lost by the second measure. LOL. You have to have a choir and congregation sure of their notes to do a harmonization like that. I have said some of mine would sing the wrong notes even if I played the melody on the trumpet.
  • This is supposed to be excessive???

    It's really rather tame.
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    I've definitely heard (and played!) worse.
  • ghmus7
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    I have been guilty of much worse. Sometimes when I am awake i will modulate to a foreign key and improvise some harmonisation to the last verse and abandon the tune, losing the congregation in the process. Nobody seems to notice as long as i play a loud final chord.
    Come to think, a loud final chord is the solution to many things, lol.
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  • It's really sort of difficult to be excessive with these ornamentations. The more inventive the greater the fervour that is excited from the singers. Anyone who doesn't like such embroidery is most definitely a proverbial wet blanket - and, young or old, cleric or lay, is a curmudgeon or curmudgeoness.
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