Fanfare by J.N. Lemmens
  • Dear friends, are you familiar with Festival Alleluias by W. Ferris on the Widor Toccata ? I am looking for a similar thing on the organwork Fanfare by N.J. Lemmens ( Is there an existing version ? If not, I am looking for an arranger who would try to ad a TTB or TTBB chorus on the words hallelujah.
    Thank you very much,
    Dirk Maes
    Voces Capituli, Belgium
  • ghmus7
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    I might be interested
    Gregory Hamilton
  • JDE
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    Mr. Maes, did this ever come to fruition? This is a lovely piece, and if no one has done it yet, I would definitely be interested.
  • I'm taking a crack at this.
  • Are you Nathan ? Looking forward to it !.
  • Yeah, hi! We interacted a few years ago over Victoria and Robledo.

    Take a look at this. Obviously it can't yet be sung as it is by TTBB, but I had to get the architecture in my head first.
  • irishtenoririshtenor
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    1) That looks like a good start
    2) As a professional, classically-trained tenor who has performed many opera/operetta roles and soloed with numerous orchestras and choral organizations...the tessitura of the T1 part is...not gonna work as it is. You probably know this already, but I want to make sure you do!
    3) Keep at it--it'll probably be pretty cool once you get it all figured out :-)
  • Hey Nathan, indeed, we sing the Robledo several times a year ! It still makes us happy. And Irish tenor, you are right ! As I sing tenor 1 in our ensemble, I would die trying to sing this.
  • That right there is what we call an alto part, young grasshopper. (if even)