Beta Released: JoguesChant: Gregorian chant needs YOUR help!
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    Dear Friends,


    ----first of all, we have discovered a "bug" on Firefox. Please READ THIS


    I would like to invite you to visit:

    You can learn a lot about it by visiting: the "About" page

    Basically, this page is where you can send your singers if you want them to PRACTICE before rehearsal. The scores are all formatted to fit one page, so they can print them off, if need be. Or, if they are at work, school, or home, they can go to the site and practice in their free time. The calendar "shifts" so the Sunday that's coming up is ALWAYS on top.

    Everything on this site is given completely free of charge (à la Jeffrey Tucker!).

    Let me add a few things that are not in the "About" page:

    (1) I am really hoping that some of you will contribute Mp3 files. That would be awesome! Chabanel Psalms had humble beginnings, but thanks to your contributions, it has grown into something great over just one year. I hope the same for this site.

    (2) The ones provided by are out of this world beautiful, despite the LP record needle. The other ones are provided by me.

    (3) Some of mine are good. Some are ... not all that great. It took me a while to get the hang of it. I recorded them in the Cathedral I work for. When you go in there, you just have to ... just sing, no matter what vocal condition you happen to be in at the moment! Again, the idea was to provide practice Mp3's. If I am flat on some of them, perhaps you can provide better recordings? I hope you will contribute! Believe me: there are many people who do not know how to read chant, but want to learn how to read chant. This is what this site is all about.

    (4) Towards the bottom of the "About" page, you will see instructions for how to view up to three years' worth at a time. If you do this, you will see that the project is 90% complete.

    [Watershed thanks for its collaboration with this project. In particular, we thank Jeffrey Tucker for his generous assistance.]

    St. Isaac Jogues, pray for us!
  • Chris
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    Congratulations on this project, Jeff. I just forwarded the link to all of the members of my schola. It's going to greatly reduce our practice time! Thanks again.
  • I think the interface would be more intuitive if in the first column were the labels for the Mass parts (introit, offertorio, etc.), and in the second column were the hyperlinked titles of the pieces proper to that day.

    In other words, swap the first and second column, retaining the hyperlinks in the second.

    Great work!
  • This is great! I just forwarded the link to another schola director who isn't a frequent forum visitor... I listened to your Laetare Introit... beautiful! Thanks so much.
  • Heath
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    "Narrabo" only played the incipit . . . is it a problem with my computer?
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    Thank you, my friends, for alerting me to the Firefox bug.


    The Firefox bug has been partially fixed as of 10:16am

  • Carl DCarl D
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    I just tried it on Firefox and got the same behavior - just a few seconds! Interestingly, when I right-click open the MP3 link in a new window, it plays a little bit more, but not the whole thing.
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    It appears that the site is not working correctly on Mozilla Firefox.

    We WILL fix this issue. As of 10:16am, we have already fixed part of it (please see the next entry, below)

    For now, can everyone please use Internet Explorer, Chrome (free download for PC), Opera (free download for PC & Mac), or Safari (free download for PC & Mac) ??

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    Here is a temporary fix for people using Firefox:

    (1) right click on the Mp3 you wish to download

    (2) choose "save link as" and save the file to your desktop

    As of 10:16am, the Firefox bug has been PARTIALLY fixed: Earlier this morning, it was giving you some crazy name like "8R1ICvfc.mp3.part" and you had to change the name, so that it ends with " .mp3 " But as of 10:16am, it will download just fine, if you just right click and say "save link as."
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    This is really wonderful. Thanks, Jeff.
  • dvalerio
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    I suppose you find the live recordings at Christus Rex too poor and noisy to be linked to?...
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    hi, dvalerio. Actually, if they wanted to send those in, we could easily put them up as well.

    The idea here is the same as Chabanel: get as many different versions as possible and make them available.
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    Jeff -

    Thanks as always. Wonderfully helpful materials!

    Two questions for you:

    1) Some of the organ accompaniments have one page in landscape and one page in portrait format. In future, would there be some way to avoid this so that we don't end up with the 3-ring binders from ... the dark side?

    2) Are there some sort of strict rules about vocalist rising tones? For example, on the Easter refrain (1632) the rising tones (Give thanks to the Lord for He IS good ... Let the house of IsraEL say...) seem a bit odd. Would it be wrong to shift that emphasis to "Give thanks to the Lord for HE is good ... Let the house of ISrael say..." ?

  • dvalerio
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    I'm not affiliated in any way with that webpage, but I guess if you write to Luís Quiroz (whose e-mail is at the bottom of his webpage) he will agree. Or you may link directly to the files where they already are to be found, if that does not go against your policy... In any case, my heartfelt congratulations for all your excellent sacred music webpages.
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    Hi, priorstf,

    (1) If you go here and scroll down to NOTES TO THE ORGANIST, you will see the way I do it [STEP 1 & STEP 2]. The fact is, I am not very skilled at turning pages and playing and singing at the same time.

    But this is just one workaround: there are many possibilities. For instance, before the Resp. Psalm, you can simply take them out of the binder, and then replace them afterward. Or, you can simply fold the "lengthwise" sheets in half, and then they (hopefully) won't mess up the binder.

    I originally tried never to have a "sideways" page, but the verses almost never seem to fit as least in my opinion.

    (2) I find that English can be difficult to set to Psalm tones. I hope that people will be able to change my settings without too much trouble, if they prefer a different way. In particular, I sometimes wish I had employed the "monosyllable ending" on some of those tones more than I have. The neat thing about Chabanel is, there are usually others who do things differently. E.g. Richard Rice (unless I am wrong) would set the Psalm EXACTLY as you said, above. Bruce Ford usually often prefers using the monosyllabic ending (unless I am wrong). In summation, I have a lot of room for improvement, and (God-willing) I will be able to do better and better with time.


    Hi, dvalerio,

    I definitely want to approach him about this. I would love to collaborate with him.
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    I am very excited, because we already have people contributing to the site!

    Janet G. will be sending some files.

    Also, I just posted three beautiful files from Richard Chonak. They were sung Sunday, Feb. 15 at St Mary Star of the Sea Church in Beverly, Mass. The schola director is Michael Olbash. They submitted files for the 6th Sunday in Ordinary time. Yay !!!
  • The number of fabulous projects created and shared by forum members continues to boggle my mind.

    My latest candidate for "fabulous project" is Jeffrey O's, and tomorrow night I'll be telling my schola about it. I also mentioned the project in my editor's note for our diocesan newspaper.

    My singers are all quite new to chant. They're dedicated singers, but they benefit immensely from well-sung recordings, as I think all chant newbies do. I encourage them to work things out on paper first, listen to see where they might have gone wrong (or right) and to hear the nuances of the chant, then go back to the paper and so on.

    This site gives them beautiful recordings and copies of the chants--and is so elegant and easy to use. We've used the christusrex recordings in the past, but sometimes it's very difficult to hear the notes, given the "live at Mass" recording conditions.

    I just wanted to thank Jeffrey O for once again sharing his work with us. The spirit of "free" on this forum continues to amaze me.

    All of you are changing the equation for church music. I'm grateful.

  • Per Jeffrey O, the chants for Esto mihi (Introit), Cantate Domino (Alleluia) and Benedictus es Domine (Offertory) for the 6th Sunday of Ordinary Time have been uploaded from the recordings made at the Sugar Land Chant Workshop from this past weekend... we'll get to hear them next year...

    By the way, it is very easy to register on the site... I highly recommend it. Great job, Jeffrey (as always).
  • kevinfkevinf
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    Nice work Jeff. Easy to use. Have to be in touch with you about that Solesmes material.
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    My friends, I am so glad that people are excited about this project.

    As soon as I get a free second, we are going to test out the function where people can register and upload THEIR OWN chants, without even contacting me.

    However, I want to make sure that this function works first. Richard is going to help me on the telephone: he is going to be the "guinea pig" --- I don't anticipate any problems, but I will just feel better after we "test it"

    Please stay tuned! For the moment, feel free to send me your recordings and I will post them.

    Janet, you are AWESOME if you already figured out how to register: feel free to test it out and see if it lets you upload chants. However, I believe the way it is currently set up, I have to "approve" chants before they appear. We will see.
  • I posted a short blurb about this new site on my blog... I know my traffic isn't enough to cause you any problems... perhaps a note on the NLM site will really give it a run for the money?
  • Some of the mp3 files don't match the pdf scores
  • RagueneauRagueneau
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    capa20, I would love to know which ones, so I can fix

    In Christ,

  • miacoyne
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    Jeff, thanks for all your all. I want to ask, would you say all the singing in the site is following Solesmes method basically, I mean do you want them to be? Or would you accept any stylistic changes of interpretations of neums in the singing? ( I hope this is not posing another hard question.)
  • RagueneauRagueneau
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    I will accept pretty much any equalist interpretation, Solesmes or not.

    Please see below: (Heath comment)
  • What an amazing project. BRAVO- Keep it up!
  • Heath
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    Can you not put up non-equalist interpretations, possibly with a caveat note attached? I can't see any harm in letting a wide range of people hearing different methods of interpretation . . .
  • RagueneauRagueneau
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    Hi, Heath.

    I guess I never thought of that.

    My rationale was that the Vatican is an official book, and it seems that the Church more or less adopted the equalist position (even though there are many variations of the equalist interpretation.)

    Let me revise my position, and say that (at this time) I doubt anyone would send me something that I would not put up, unless the result had basically nothing to do with the printed note.

    How does that sound?

    (Don't you love Beta releases? Still time to adjust!)
  • Heath
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    That seems very reasonable. Thanks.
  • RagueneauRagueneau
    Posts: 2,592 now has made it easy for people to ADD files to the site.

    You just register (provide your E-mail address and a username) and then you can simply add your schola's Mp3 recordings to the site!

    I am really hoping that some women's scholas will contribute.

    By the way, another bug was found. Evidently, the "more" function (after Mp3's that have more than one recording) does not work on Internet Explorer.

    We will fix it, though.
  • RagueneauRagueneau
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    I have noticed many people have created passwords to the St. Isaac Jogues Gregorian Chant Resources Site.

    Does this mean that you are uploading your own chant files?

    (I am thrilled if this is the case!!)
  • haven't got anything good enough to contribute yet, but hope it will be the case in the future :)
  • I've posted the following:

    - Hymn "Benedictus es, Domine" for Trinity Sunday ABC
    - Introit and Gradual for 32nd Sunday ABC
    - Gradual for 11th Sunday AC
    - Gradual for 12th ABC

    which we sang at Mass two Saturdays ago.

    (Why three Graduals posted from the same day? Because all these chants are sung on Ember Saturday in Lent in the old calendar! There is a fourth Gradual, but it's keyed to the very elusive 10th Sunday in Ordinary Time in the new calendar...and only to years A and B at that.)
  • RagueneauRagueneau
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    Wow, thanks Aristotle!

    And, Janet, remember, it is not about "perfection" --- if I had waited for perfection, I would not have put any of my recordings on the site! :-)
  • a1437053a1437053
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    This is great. I've spent hundreds, if not, thousands, amassing a CD/LP collection.

    I suppose I won't have any excuse to purchase obscure CDs when all of the Graduale is uploaded!

    GREAT, GREAT, GREAT by harnessing the power of the people.
  • Pes
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    In my opinion, the Brazilian site's interface is more intuitive. You see a whole year of Sundays on one page. Click the one you want, get the constituent chants with scores and audio. It's not pretty, but it's very easy to use. CC/Jogues is harder to navigate and understand.

    FWIW, perhaps a page of columns would work better. You click on one of the days on the left, and in the third (main) column appears the scores and so forth. No pop-ups. The page would be presented dynamically.

    Days OF || Days EF || Day specifics (links to scores, list of all audio versions)

    Whatever the case, it's great that you're taking this on.
  • Jeffrey TuckerJeffrey Tucker
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    What I find amazing about this is that users can add scores and MP3s. That's the part that strikes me as most promising.

    In fact, this could be the platform on which to build the liturgical cpdl being discussed on another thread.
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    Hello, friends. Thanks for the comments!


    If I may ask, why do your schola members need to see a year at a time? Isaac Jouges is supposed to be a practice site, so schola members can practice for feasts that are coming up.

    For those who desire to view the entire year or more, Isaac Jogues can display as many as three years at a time:

    It is explained here.
  • Thanks so much for that tip, Jeffrey... I usually plan ahead quite a bit... this makes it possible to forward mp3 links to schola members for things in the far future... great stuff!
  • First of all, thanks for this site!!!
    Two questions-
    1. Any chance of having an EF calendar option? I know it'd probably be a lot of work... Maybe just a search option so singers can search for the particular chants they'll need? I told my choir to look at their Libers and then try to find a recording...

    2. Also, are there ordinaries available?

    I like how the chant recordings (ones I've heard, anyway) are unaccompanied. In a perfect world I wouldn't have to listen to Frenchified Latin, but I do love Solesmes for many other things.

    Major kudos to you for doing this, Jeffrey. I don't have near the tech savvy to dream anything like it. And I do like the story of why you named it for St. Isaac Jogues. Helps that one of my sons is named Isaac! :)
  • RagueneauRagueneau
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    Hello, MA Singing Mum.

    Thanks for the comments!

    As soon as possible, we want to make an EF calendar and add an ordinaries page.

    The problem is that I currently have five part-time jobs --- I am quitting two at the end of May.

    That means instead of doing Watershed for 3-5 hours a week, I can do it for 40 ! Yay!

    Details here about developments to expect at Isaac Jogues chant
  • RagueneauRagueneau
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    We are slowly making improvements, like adding the few missing scores & translations to all the scores, etc.

    step-by-step ! Brick by brick !
  • tdunbar
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    wonderful site for proper practicing