The Lamb's high banquet we await / Ad coenam Agni providi [tune: St. Croix] - (Charles H. Giffen)
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    Here is the English translation "The Lamb's high banquet we await" by John Mason Neale of the Ambrosian 5th century hymn Ad coenam Agni providi, set to my Long Metre Double hymn tune St. Croix. Neale's translation has been altered over the years, so I've included scores for the original translation, as well as a common altered version and the Dominican adaptation found in their Hymarium O.P.

    This office hymn is for Sunday Vespers from Low Sunday up to the Ascension, but may also be used as a processional hymn at Mass during this time. I've arranged the eight L.M. stanzas in pairs to fit the L.M.D. tune. As for the music, the final, fourth, stanza has a soaring descant.

    The accompanying sound file "performs" the hymn tune five times:

    (0) organ (as an introduction)
    (1) first stanza with organ and voices
    (2) second stanza with a cappella voices
    (3) third stanza with organ and voices
    (4) fourth stanza with organ, voices, and descant
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    Here is the same hymn set the original Ambrosian Latin text Ad coenam Agni providi to the same tune, for those who might wish (or have) to sing it in Latin. The above sound file works for this setting, too.
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    This is also available on the Lumen Christi Hymnal set to PUER NOBIS.