The Revolution Continues
  • Kathy
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    I have it on good authority that Mount 2009, a youth event that annually draws a zillion teenagers in sleeping bags to hear Matt Maher, this weekend also featured the Mount St. Mary's Vespers Schola:
  • uh wow
  • Kathy
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  • Sorry, I was a bit opaque. I'm just stunned at the possibility of crossover here. Very interesting and exciting.
  • Kathy
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    Oh yeah, and they're totally going to make their next album with Fr. Stan Fortuna.

    What I think is revolutionary is introducing chant into a completely P & W environment.
    How do you say Awesome God in Latin?
  • I went to seminary at the Mount and helped with the Mount 2000 program. We tried to "traditionalize" it a little more each year -- I don't know if they are still moving in that direction, I get the impression that they are starting to backtrack on some aspects, while still maintaining others, such as the schola -- and part of that process of traditionalization was introducing the schola back when, especially during the Blessed Sacrament devotions.
  • CharlesW
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    I like to think of the return of Catholic music to the liturgy as a restoration rather than a revolution. It's a matter of charitably inviting the Vandals who have wrecked the liturgy to depart, along with the horses they rode in on.
  • Why can't there ever be a decent polyphony or chant group featured on EWTN's "Life on the Rock"? I have never once been impressed with the performances I have heard on that show (although I must admit I have never been able to leave it on the channel to listen to the whole thing). Do you think they would even be open to something like that? Is their whole raison d'etre tied in with Rock 'n Roll, or is it also acceptable to think of it as following Peter, the Rock of the Church? Do real young people watch that show... or is it only the folk band members hoping to get helpful hints...
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    There is something new in this are. Singing summer camp for high schoolers in a catholic church. I hope I can attach the flyer here to see what you think about this.
    Maybe some parishes, if you are able, can organize something like that. I know there are big summer camps for teens, but the local ones might be also good for people who cannot afford to go far. I wonder this camp offers any chant class. I\'m going to call and see whether they want someone to teach the teens chants as part of their program.
  • Janet,

    You should write a letter to the show's producer, Amalia Zea, and ask her if she wouldn't consider featuring a chant group. Heck, maybe with the help of some benefactors, one of the up-and-coming seminary groups could come down and perform. Several seminaries have scholas now. Mount St. Mary's Seminary Schola and Theological College Seminary Schola both "performed" at the Rally & Mass for Life held at the Verizon Center in Washington on January 22nd. They both had 10 minutes each to sing during Communion time. The music was so different -- and so much more beautiful than the rock-and-roll/praise-and-worship stuff that had preceded it, not only for a while before the Mass but during the entire Mass itself -- that the people applauded when they finished singing. It was unfortunate that the applause happened (it happened last year as well), but a sign at least that the folks appreciated and approved of it. My point being that perhaps something that the show could do a "report" on is this phenomenon of seminarians being more traditional and desiring beauty in the liturgy and so forth. Perhaps EWTN could even film the live show on location -- they have gone to Mount St. Mary's the past two years to film a show with Msgr. Swetland, and they have a mobile filming unit parked at the JP II Center in Washington, DC which they could easily send up there, if memory serves. So, write a letter to Amalia and make some concrete suggestions!
  • Good point... perhaps they would consider it... I'll have to do a bit more research (thanks for your hints above) before writing...
  • Carl DCarl D
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    Thinking even bigger... What would it take to get EWTN to do an entire show on the Colloquium? Let them see Jeff O's videos from last year to see what they're missing!
  • Carl: I would think that funding would be a major concern. Otherwise, I cannot see why EWTN would NOT want to showcase something like this.
  • Carl DCarl D
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    Maybe they have the ability to travel to where news is being made-? I don't know that we'd need to pay them to show up if they thought it was important. No harm in asking.

    Anybody around here have a decent relationship formed with EWTN?
  • alrtree
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    Carl, I like your thinking. I don't know anyone at EWTN, but with God anything is possible. Who would a person call, to let them know about this and get them thinking about it?
  • Carl DCarl D
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    Well, I put out a couple of feelers. Worst case we can just ring them up.
  • Carl DCarl D
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    OK, I got some names at EWTN. Who's doing the PR for the Colloquium?
  • AOZ
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    Everyone and no one is responsible for doing PR for the Colloquium. Every one of us is a volunteer. If you want to be in touch with EWTN, I think that's just great. You could give them a call - that's certainly the most direct way. And not used nearly as often as it should be. In fact the more people that call, the better! Talk to someone and get his or her email and send a link to the Youtube promotional video. If someone is seriously interested, have him or her write to me at

    I know that Raymond Aroyo has been approached about the Colloquium- possibly covering it on The World Over. I haven't heard any more about that.

    Somehow I think that the people at EWTN know about us, and there are other forces at work. How do I know they know about us? Some of the monks came down to Auburn for the St. Cecilia workshop with Scott Turkington a few years back. The entire crew from St. John Cantius was just in Birmingham at EWTN in October. Dr. William Mahrt was the guest on Fr. Mitch Pacwa's program a year ago or more talking about the function of music in the Mass.

    Has our message fallen on deaf ears? Is the person responsible for scheduling guests for Life on the Rock not musically inclined, or is this person or committee of persons not educated in the Church's teaching on music and the liturgy? I suspect that the latter is the case. Blind spots everywhere.
  • AOZ
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    Here's an additional thought: it could very likely be that there are just too many choices. Too many programs to do. Too many potential guests. In order to produce a program, or anything, you have to make choices based on what's available, what you can afford, what does the public seem to be demanding, etc. etc. In other words, maybe our cause is just not priority number one for the folks at EWTN - totally understandable.
  • Jeffrey TuckerJeffrey Tucker
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    It's always been my understanding that EWTN doesn't really travel, unless it is something like a papal liturgy.

    But I don't really watch so I'm not entirely sure.
  • Thanks, Carl!
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    Arlene - Yu may have summed up the problem yourself when you said "Everyone and no one is responsible for doing PR for the Colloquium..." and followed up with "Has our message fallen on deaf ears?". The ears aren't deaf; there's no message getting there.

    The CMAA is evolving to a point at which its board should consider a serious approach to a coordinated PR campaign. There should be a designated contact with the press, be it EWTN, NCR, Vatican press office, etc. There shouldn't be an assumption that EWTN knows, but a specific name at EWTN for the CMAA spokesman can call.

    Jeffrey points out that EWTN isn't likely to travel unless the Pope is involved. (Has he received his invitation yet?! ;-) ) So why not see about scheduling a Chant Intensive at or near EWTN studios?

    Waiting for osmosis to formally move the CMAA news opens the door to problems akin to having a Notre Dame theologian becoming the ad hoc spokesman for the message of the Church.
  • Carl DCarl D
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    Just so everyone knows - the discussions are continuing in the background and I'm planning to make contact with EWTN soon. It's not appropriate for me to publish contact details for people without their permission to do so.

    In any volunteer organization, the only things that get done are the things that people volunteer to do. So the solution to any problems we raise needs to build upon the energy that we're willing to contribute.

    End of sermon. :-)