Three Popes and a Cardinal - published in 1971
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    Just read this book published in 1971. Quite interesting take on popes Pacelli through Montini. Has anyone read this?

    Here is a small portion of preface.

    Well before the year 2000, there will no longer be a religious institution recognizable as the Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church of today. In the religious history of man, this is the Age of Human Pathology. It is the Passion, not of Jesus, but of man. It was about four hun­dred years in the making. It has taken just forty years to become an active reality...

    ...There will be no central authority for teaching and jurisdiction. There will be a general-but virtually nominal-similarity among all groups. But there will be no centralized control, no uniformity in teaching, no uni­versality in practice of worship, prayer, sacrifice, and priesthood. Churches, cathedrals, schools, convents, monasteries, seminaries, and such, these groups will not have. Nor will they desire them. They will have no use for them.

    The rise of such groupings will not occur, as of old, through formal heresy or schism, through dynastic am­bitions or nationalistic partisanship. Nor will they re­semble the autonomous churches of Eastern Orthodox Christianity or the various "Rites" (Annenian, Maronite, Melchite, etc.) which the Roman Church includes in its fold today. They will not be "autocephalous" churches. They will be autozoic groups, with their own life-cycles, their own styles of living, their own rules, their own prides and ambitions and strifes and disrup­tions, their own births and their own deaths. This will be so because they will have renounced the ancient fact which gave birth to every local church of which we have knowledge: foundation by an Apostle or on his tradition.

    The autozoic groups of tomorrow will claim no de­scendance from the original group of men Jesus formed, his Twelve Apostles and the other disciples. Nor will they feel any need for such a descendance. Apostolic succession, as a mark of accepted authenticity, is out. The break-point or dawn of this vast change came with the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965). It was the occasion which provided an opening. Out through this opening there poured, first as a trickle, then as a stream, finally as a flood, the clamor of human spirits long held down and imprisoned. Those who had suffered from the oppression of power sought to grasp the com­passion embodied in Angelo Roncalli as John XXIII and seemingly offered by his Council. But Roncalli's Council was a majestic gamble- which failed in its essential pur­pose. The human spirits, however, were out and free, never to return again. One dates from that point onwards the death agony of the old and the emergence of the new groups and the seeming madness which possesses them.
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    Interesting. I have heard we get the leaders we deserve, and perhaps we have gotten exactly that since Vatican II.
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    Alas, we don't have the option of stoning the false prophet here, since the author is already dead.
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