Requiem Offertory: Domine Iesu Christe with extra verses (Offertoriale Triplex #110)
  • This PDF of a direct transcription of the Domine Iesu Christe from the Offertoriale Triplex may be of use to those who might find themselves selecting music for a Sung, Solemn or Pontifical Solemn Requiem Mass. (This chant is not found in the PDF of the 1935 Offertoriale.)

    The following verses are included:

    1. Hóstias et preces…

    2. Animae eórum in bonus demoréntur et semen eórum possídeat terram. (Their souls shall enjoy good things, and their offspring shall possess the land.)

    3. Animae fidélium, quas assumpsísti, Dómine, fac gaudére cum sanctis tuis in glória et líbera eas de locis tormentórum. (Make the souls of the faithful, which thou hast taken up, O Lord, rejoice with thy servants in glory and deliver them from the place of torments.)

    4. Réquiem aetérnam dona eis Dómine: et lux perpétua lúceat eis.

    Quam olim… follows all verses.

    These verses may be used to effectively extend those offertories of choral Requiem Masses that have discrete Quam olim sections, e.g., Victoria a 4. (I certainly could have used these extra verses last All Souls Day for this very purpose.)

    Domine Iesu Christe (Offertoriale Triplex 110).pdf
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    We have been using these for every Requiem we sing, so around once a month. We of course sang them this morning.
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    If this is any use, here is my transcription of the Requiem Mass Offertory with five extra verses - the last being taken from a different source (I forget what):