Choral music for men--unison, TB, TTB
  • For the fifth Sunday of Lent, our Sunday evening youth Mass Schola Cantorum will perform the Kyrie from Duruflé's Messe cum Jubilo. Since we are normally only a quartet (SATB), we will be bringing in a few extra male voices in addition to our two resident men. As long as we have a men's schola, I figured it would be nice to explore a bit of that repertoire. There is a short unison chorale that we might do (from BWV 94), but I am interested in seeing what I find here.

    I am looking for suggestion for simple- to moderately-difficult works for Offertory and/or Communion. I am grateful for any and all suggestions.

    (Normal music:
    Introit: Roman Gradual during certain seasons; otherwise, a hymn
    Kyrie: Choral in penitential seasons, chant otherwise
    Gloria: Choral during Easter, Christmastide, and sporadically in Ordinary Time; otherwise chant, de Angelis for now
    Psalm & Gospel acclamation in the English, with an occasional Gradual being used
    Offertory & Communion: Choral, with the Offertoriale used to fill the rest of the time as needed during Advent & Lent; During OT usually choral
    Eucharistic Acclamations: Missa simplex, Missa de angelis, occasionally other chant or choral)
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    is my free collection of 2250 entries of music for Compline. Ours is sort of an Anglo/Roman Compline with music and chant extracting the best from both camps. The voicing is: AATB/ATBarB/ATTB/ATB/TTBB-all men; and SSAAT/SSAA/SSAT/SAA/SA-all women and a lot of single line chant from both the pre-VAT II Liber U. (i've used the 1912 and 1951 editions) and the Anglican from the early Renaissance forward grinding through both the Roman and Reformation periods. I have very few for SATB. These you can obtain elsewhere, like on CPDL, or if you have Sibelius 7.5 or better, I have the entire collection in that format which would allow you to transpose the music up or down to fit your singers' ranges. There are many Graduals, Ave's, Psalms, and Psalm settings, seasonal hymns, and a plethora of realized chant, including Anglican, Gregorian, Ambrosian, Kievan, and Znamenny for the Church Year. This does not include the maybe 45 pieces I've worked on and finished this year. Everything I have is organized for music readers, sans a written keyboard accompaniment, for the clearest, ease of reading with a short rehearsal time.
    There must be something in there you can use, and the price is right.
    some examples:
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