How is contemporary Christian music made?
  • Ted
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    Perhaps some may like to be enlivened by this satire which, nevertheless, does have a grain of truth in it:

    I wonder what formulae Catholic music publishers have.
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  • Having been the music director at a Protestant church with a contemporary service, I can attest that the portrayal of the industry is pretty accurate. The more you are familiar with the Contemporary Christian Music scene, the funnier/sadder it is.

    I wonder what formulae Catholic music publishers have.

    I don't think I'd like to see that video. Being not invested in the CCM scene makes that video very lighthearted. If I saw a video portraying Catholic publishers, I would have to pick my eyes up off the floor from rolling them so hard.
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    I love SOME CCM, but there are some really bad songs (perhaps the majority) that are worthy of the criticism in this video.

    Also, you should watch this parody of CCM songwriting:
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    my favorite line

    SOMETHING needs to be in flames
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  • I can't believe I'm not burning myself right now.

    It absolutely disheartens me on every level to see that the common consensus among all Christians with the exception of few is that all Christian music is guitar and drum. It seems that some have lost sight that the organ/chant/polyphony even exist.

    I refuse ever to participate in liturgies with inappropriate music. I made that decision for my own benefit, but also for the benefit of the peoples whom I was serving/serve.
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