Cloud Hymnal at Yale
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    Folks may be interested in this project at Yale which has many hymns and sacred music online with a "practice room" for use at church. Signup is free:
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    Excited to see this grow. It seems to be mostly used by college campus ministers, but it holds promise.
  • I signed up but since our parish is using OCP materials (for now), it's use is somewhat limited due to copyright.
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    So I started my own community. But I can't seem to find out how to add a list
  • I had a hard time with that too. You have to go to one of the libraries and pick an item you want and then when you click on it, it'll give you an option to add it to a created list or to create a new one. It's a little non-intuitive. I wish you could select "create new list" from the group page.
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  • I am Richard, a lead developer of the Cloud Hymnal. Thanks for your comments so far, and I hope to hear more including requests and criticisms.
    I left the instruction set and command screens rather limited in Cloud Hymnal so that it invites exploration, eg. as you search for music or readings you'd add it to a Liturgy List at any time rather than need to go to a dedicated command line or page. Also, I did not want to impose my work-flow as a music minister on others, and already I've found musicians using the Cloud Hymnal lists and uploads in ways I didn't imagine!
    Building our libraries: I am gratified that over 150 musical works have already been contributed outside of what I've put in from the Yale Center for Music and Liturgy. Cloud Hymnal can be a tool to discover new composers and music traditions, and I think that is possibly just as valuable as the functions for creating liturgies and ways to practice the music. I recognize that the major publishers make a large financial investment in any new music published, and therefore (like the movie studios) need to keep bringing out familiar names and styles in order to reduce their risk. But the world is full of great music that no one has heard. Please take a chance on some of it shared within Cloud Hymnal.

    Meanwhile I am working to complete various copyright and terms for the site and will have exciting new developments in conjunction with the major publishers soon. thank you for joining Cloud Hymnal.

    If you'd like to join my Yale chapel -- St Thomas More Chapel join code is STM016
    all are welcome.
  • Update - Cloud Hymnal now includes over 24,000 items, including Gregorian chant from Gregobase, public domain hymns, shared songs newly composed by members, newly composed music from the Yale interns, and the copyrighted libraries of GIA, OCP, WLP, and 19 other publishers. Everything is free except the publisher's copyright content, and that is available via a very reasonable annual license fee somewhat like Netflix or Spotify. Usage of copyrighted content is automatically reported.

    Takes approximately 5 minutes to learn how to use Cloud Hymnal.
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