Chant mini camp for your parish
  • Kathy
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    This Summer I am offering my services as a chant teacher in parishes and dioceses throughout the United States.

    For a modest fee, plus expenses, your parish will receive and energizing 2-day session of workshops designed to build instant literacy in Gregorian chant.

    While this offer is certainly available to adult parish choirs--I was a parish Music Director for five years and revitalized the entire music program, adding chant, polyphony, and oratory, and building 4 new choirs from scratch--my specialty is working with young people.

    Currectly I teach chant to all grade levels in a K-12 Catholic school (2 years), and I led a Youth Classical Schola for four years. Alumni from the Youth Classical Schola have gone on to serve the Church as chant leaders and teachers in their own right. I am also a published hymn text writer whose work is featured in 4 hymnals, as well as appearing regularly in the Magnificat and elsewhere.

    A children's chant camp can easily be incorporated into a Vacation Bible School model, or can stand alone as either a free or charged (fees going to the parish) program.

    At this writing, dates are limited to the second half of June, and those with a budget surplus for this year might consider booking these. More dates for the rest of the summer may be added later.

    If you have been wanting to begin a children's chant program "as soon as time allows," this program may be right for you! References readily available.

    Contact Kathleen Pluth at
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  • donr
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    I would love something like this at my church. I will see if there is any interest.
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  • JesJes
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    When can we get more people like you in Aus?
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  • Kathy
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    Oh, I'd be happy to fly south for the winter, too :)
  • Carl DCarl D
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    Seriously, Kathy, if you could get our fair Aussies to cram a number of back-to-back workshops together, that may reduce the cost to each of them to make it affordable. And of course it could be a magnificent vacation for you too, in between. It's not like you're flying a whole entourage, right?

    I also had the chance recently to do a chant workshop via Zoom video. Despite my voice which was totally useless (laryngitis), it was actually fun and useful. I was in my home office, and they set up a large screen TV, camera, and microphone. Pianos on both ends. We couldn't sing together, but we alternated back and forth and it wasn't too bad. So if travel is impossible, it's a solution that's a lot better than nothing.