Prayers please: Tragedy at my parish
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    Last Saturday a real tragedy occurred to a family at the parish where I am DM (I am also a parishioner): a loyal and good family lost five of their members--a mother and four children--in a horrendous house fire. (Those of you in Mass. may be following the story in the news.) The father and his sole surviving daughter, seem to be doing well, but I don't think that the whole of the ghastly situation has really struck yet, as they have been busy with funeral arrangements. They were very active in the parish and in the town where they lived.

    Please, first and foremost, pray for the repose of their souls and the consolation of their family during this tremendously difficult time.

    Second, if you could send up a few prayers for those of us involved in the liturgy: myself, my choirs, the celebrant (the Abbot of St. Benedict Abbey, Still River), the Pastor (who is the homilist), the Pastor Emeritus, the funeral directors, and the Altar Boys; as this will be a difficult time for all of us.

    Third, for the Parish of [ ]and the wider community, as we struggle to come to grips with this tragedy, that we may all be able to help this family in their need, spiritual, material, and financial.

    Thank you all
  • Greetings, Henry -

    I tearfully read this sad news and my heart goes out to you and this poor father and his child.
    Many prayers will be offered for all concerned, living and departed -
    and I will put this on the prayer list at Walsingham.

    Deus vobiscum!
    - Jackson
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    How horrid. Prayers for all.
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    Prayers for this family and community.
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    Oh, how awful. My condolences and our prayers to all who need them.
  • Requiescant in pace.
  • KyleM18
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    Prayers for all involved in the tragedy and in the funeral. Eternal rest grant unto them...
  • How horrible. We don't always realize how well we have it.
    My prayers to everyone. Stay strong, God is with you.
  • Having recently planned a funeral for a choir member who died suddenly and most unexpectedly, I can understand what you are going through. I'm so very sorry for all of you. Prayers ascending for the souls of the faithful departed and for those who are left to mourn their loss.
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    How terribly sad and tragic. Prayers for all, those lost, their families, the community, and those providing help and comfort.
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    Praying for all involved
  • Blaise
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    Eternal rest grant them....
  • SalieriSalieri
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    The family, the parish, the community, and I thank you most sincerely for your prayers; it has been difficult, to say the least. God bless you all.