Sacred Music Workshop, St. Louis, Mar 10-12
  • teresa
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    Excited to attend this upcoming Sacred Music Workshop at Saint Francis de Sales Oratory in St. Louis.

    Information from the Saint Francis de Sales Oratory Newsletter:


    Registration for the intensive two-day Sacred Music Workshop is now open. The cost of $95/person includes all meals. Please register by calling the Oratory Office at 1-314-771-3100 or email The last day to register for the Workshop is February 19, 2017.

    For those planning to attend the Sacred Music Workshop from out of town, a special group rate has been arranged at Residence Inn St. Louis Downtown. This rate, effective until February 11, 2017, includes complimentary breakfast and shuttle service to the Oratory, and free parking at the hotel. Book online, or by contacting Marriott Reservations at 1-866-448-7500, and reference "Sacred Music Workshop."

    Workshop attendees will sign in on Friday afternoon, per schedule below. Over the course of the workshop, there will be spiritual talks given by Institute canons, Gregorian chant instruction including Gregorian Rhythm and an introduction to Chironomy taught by Canon Wulfran Lebocq, who will come from Ireland specially for this workshop.

    Participants will also experience singing polyphonic repertoire taught by Mr. Nicholas Botkins, Director of Music at the Oratory. Starting on Friday evening, March 10, and including High Mass on Sunday, participants will take part in chanting the Office with members of the Institute, attend lectures and rehearsals for both Chant and Polyphony.

    Friday, March 10
    Ember Friday
    5:30pm Registration (Convent Refectory)
    6:00pm VESPERS & ANGELUS (Church)
    6:45pm Dinner (Church Hall)
    7:45pm Spiritual Talk on Gregorian Chant (Cn. Huberfeld)
    8:30pm COMPLINE (Church)

    Saturday, March 11
    Ember Saturday
    8:00am Low Mass
    8:45am Breakfast (Church Hall)
    9:15am Gregorian Chant Practicum (Cn. Lebocq)
    10:30am Break
    10:45am Polyphonic Rehearsal (Mr. Botkins)
    12:00pm ANGELUS & LUNCH
    1:15pm Gentlemen Gregorian Chant Practicum (Cn. Lebocq)
    Ladies’ Polyphonic Rehearsal (Mr. Botkins)
    2:30pm Break
    3:00pm Ladies’ Gregorian Chant Practicum (Cn. Lebocq) Gentlemen’s Polyphonic Rehearsal (Mr. Botkins)
    5:00pm Break
    5:15pm Spiritual Talk on Gregorian Chant (Cn. Huberfeld)
    6:00pm VESPERS & ANGELUS
    6:45pm Dinner (Church Hall)
    8:30pm COMPLINE

    Sunday, March 12
    The Second Sunday of Lent
    8:45am Warm-up/final rehearsal
    10:00am High Mass (Church)
    Coffee hour follows the 10am Sung Mass
  • BruceL
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    This should be great! Wonderful presenters, and of course the oratory church is one of the finest edifices in the country. Enjoy!
  • I expect to attend, although still working out details with my pastor.

    My Institute parish is sending me.

  • teresa
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    Looking forward to meeting you, Chris Garton-Zavesky. I sing at St. Joseph Oratory in Detroit :)