Posting Job Announcements
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    Welcome, pastors, parish secretaries, and HR personnel! Job announcements in the field of church music are welcome on the Musica Sacra Forum.

    Here are some basics:
    1. If you have an official job announcement from a parish or diocese, you are welcome to post it. Please specify "Job Openings" as the category for your post.
    2. If the information came to you through word-of-mouth or other unofficial sources, please confirm it with the employer before posting it here.
    3. Clearly indicate the employer, whether it is a parish, school, or other institution, and please indicate the contact person for applications and inquiries. "Blind" announcements that do not identify the employer will not be accepted.
    4. If the announcement is for a paid position, a moderator will keep it visible on the Forum home page for several days. After that, it will be stored and remain visible in the "Job Openings" category. Announcements for unpaid positions do not get this extended front-page display.
    5. If a paid position is still open after a month, it's all right to contact the forum admin to revive the notice.
    6. A forum moderator will mark each announcement as "closed" to additional comments. This helps ensure that job notices will not be cluttered with anyone's distracting quibbles or questions. Interested users with questions should address them to the employer's contact person directly. If there is a need to add additional information to the post later, please send a personal message through the forum system to the forum admin.
    7. There is no charge for posting a job announcement on the Forum.
    8. If you need help with the process, you can reach CMAA staff by e-mail at .