Giving Chant a Chance
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    Singers needed

    Give Chant a Chance! The St. Augustine Schola Cantorae is looking for women singers interested in exploring Gregorian chant and polyphony. The schola rehearses weekly on Monday evenings in St. Augustine and sings Vespers regularly at the Shrine of La Leche. Other appearances have included the St. Augustine Founders' Day and the Cathedral-Basilica. No prior experience with chant or Latin is required. To learn more, contact director Mary Jane Ballou at 347-6544 or e-mail
  • mjballoumjballou
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    I'm impressed that Jeffrey reads my advertisements before I do. I need to build numbers and it's not easy when there's no parish in which a schola can operate. Our only EF Mass in the entire diocese is a Low Mass with vernacular hymn trimmings and unlikely to change in the future. I'm also not drawing on a huge population base in this area.

    We've had some singers try it out - and then disappear. (That's the "commitment thing.") I'm also going to make the rounds of area colleges, etc. We'll see. And even with our "performance" constraints, we're attracing people to the little Shrine chapel - and they come up to me in the supermarket and tell me they love it.
  • miacoyne
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    mj, do you want try children's schola? You can also reach parents that way. I'm not sure how big home schooling is in that area. But I think they are the best to get support, and you can suggest to have their mass like once a month. Or any parish would like the idea of someone offering children' s schola to any children. We sang this morning (first Friday mass). Veni Creator was lovely. We only learned the 1st and 7th verse this month. I taught them to have a deep bow on the 7th verse to show their respect, they never learned this before. They love it. They are teaching grown ups beautifully. I just love it. (Also I found that parents are suddenly not so busy when it comes to educating their children.)